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Facial Contouring that does not cut bones

Facial Contouring that does not cut bones DA Face Fit
AccuSculpt V-Line
Total Petit V-Line

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What is DA Face Fit?

What is DA Face Fit?

Face fit is a non-invasive, contouring injection program that melts unnecessary fat and induce blood circulation to create tight and smooth facial line.

Candidates for DA Face Fit

Candidates for DA Face Fit
  • Fat and sagging front cheeks
  • Fat around the jaw line
  • Round facial shape or have excessive facial fat
  • No jaw line due to low elasticity
  • Want V-line without surgery
    in short amount of time

DA Face Fit Program

Individualized program for effective results

  • Removing Facial Fat Contouring Injection Removing unnecessary fat from double chin, cheeks, etc., and creating sharp facial line
  • Improving facial line Square Jaw Botox Paralyzing the mastication muscle to reduce the square jaw muscle and create slim jaw line
  • Improving Wrinkles Dermotoxin Has effects on skin elasticity, wrinkles and skin tone improvement and has effective skin lifting effects to create a slim V-line
  • V-Line Lifting Doublo Lifting Using ultrasound energy to insert heat energy into the deep layer of skin which results in skin lifting effect
  • Improving Effects LCL Improving V-Line effects by emitting fat cells and reducing body fat

Benefits of DA Face Fit

  • BENEFIT 01 1:1 Individual Consultation with Specialist
  • BENEFIT 02 Removing only unnecessary fat
  • BENEFIT 03 Simple procedure to create slender facial line
  • BENEFIT 04 Improve skin elasticity and reduction of fat
  • BENEFIT 05 Simple procedure
What is DA AccuSculpt V-Line?

What is DA AccuSculpt V-Line?

AccuSculpt V-Line laser shoots 1444nm wavelength that is the most effective length for fat breakdown.
It shoots small and detailed canulas to break down fat cells and create slender line. It can be used on double chins and wrinkles and can remove fat only on wanted areas.

DA AccuSculpt V-Line Treatment Areas

  • POINT 01 Laugh Lines
  • POINT 02 Chin
  • POINT 03 Cheeks
  • POINT 04 Droopy corners of mouth
  • POINT 05 Neck Areas

Benefits of DA AccuSulpt V-Line

  • BENEFIT 01 Laser Treatment that was approved by US FDA
  • BENEFIT 02 Removing only unnecessary fat
  • BENEFIT 03 Quick recovery
  • BENEFIT 04 Improving both wrinkles and elasticity
  • BENEFIT 05 Simple procedure with local anesthesia
What is DA’s Total Petit V-Line?

What is DA’s Total Petit V-Line?

Total Petit V-line is a combination of facial contouring injection +thread lifting + dermotoxin + square jaw botox + chin filler.
It creates tight facial line and fill up natural volume to create the perfect V-Line.

Candidates for DA’s Total Petit V-Line

Candidates for DA’s Total Petit V-Line
  • Unclear facial line due to sagging chin
  • Asymmetrical facial line
  • Wide face due to fat cheeks
  • Want lifting and skin tightening effect
  • Want fast results without surgery

DA Total Petit V-Line Program

Removing double chin and cheek fat, lifting and tightening effect and increasing volume to the face without surgery

  • Removing Double Chin Contouring Injection Removing double chin, cheek fat and other unnecessary fat to create slender and sharp facial line
  • Lifting Sagging Cheeks V-Line Lifting Inserting lifting thread to improve skin tightness over time and improve sagging cheeks and chin
  • Wrinkle Improvement Effect Dermotoxin Dermotoxin is combining Dermo (Skin) and Botox, which improves skin tightness, wrinkles and skin tone
  • Improve facial line Square jaw botox Paralyzing mastication muscles and wrinkles to create a slender chin line
  • V-line is completed at the chin Chin Filler Filler injection to short and stubby chin to improve the V-line effect
DA’s Shaping Contouring proves by the results

DA’s Shaping Contouring proves by the results

  • First,1:1 Analysis of individual’s facial structure
  • Second,Plastic Surgery specialist with years
    of experience and know-how
  • Third,Continuous research on new surgical
    methods for facial contouring surgery