• 11F-12F Operation floors
  • 10F Treatment floor
  • 9F Consultation/Medical Checkup
  • 8F Consultation Floor
  • 7F Lobby (Reception)
  • 6F Dermatology department
  • 5F Hospitalization Floor
  • 4F VIP hospitalization floor
  • 3F Dental Clinic
  • 1F Information Desk

Information Desk

Our staff are always on duty during hospital hours to greet and help guide our customers to each floor


Dental Clinic

After the accurate occlusal analysis of the teeth, a high-precision surgical and orthodontic plan will be established. Moreover, medical cooperation system with other departments is provided.


VIP hospitalization floor

This is a hotel-class inpatient room for customers who need long-term hospitalization, helping them recover quickly.


Hospitalization Floor

A hospitalization room that on-duty healthcare specialists will be taking care of our patients for a fast and comfortable recovery.


Dermatology department

A floor that provides various skins and body dermatology treatments along with after plastic surgery care for the best surgery results.


Lobby (Reception)

This is the area all DA customers arrive at first. For your convenience, we have prepared convenience facilities and comfortable waiting areas.


Consultation Floor

We provide the beauty our customers truly desire through detail 1:1 consultation with a dedicated specialist by each division. Also, qualified interpreters are available to increase the accuracy of the consultation further.


Consultation/Medical Checkup

Medical examination and Consultation facilities before the surgery for breast, body, vaginoplasty, and other surgeries.


Treatment floor

It is a space to check treatment and progress after surgery in a hygienic and comfortable environment.


Operation floors

With a perfect sterile clean system, anesthesia system, and pain medicine specialists, we provide perfect safety-first systems for all patients during the operation. Moreover, most operation room equipped with the most advance equipment will always bring out complete surgical results