DA’s Thoughts on Beauty

There are no right answers to the standard of beauty.
Beauty is all about feeling confident.

At DA we believe “outer beauty enhances woman’s confidence”.
Based on this belief, DA creates beautiful face and body for our patients to feel confident and find their true value.

Find yourself, only at DA.

DA Honesty

DA will always put our patients in priority and never recommend unnecessary surgeries or over-treat our patients

  • Real-Name System We provide the chief surgeon and the assisting surgeon’s medical license, name and photo to our patients on their surgery consent form and also on the entrance of the operating theatre.
  • 1:1 Responsibility System Consultation, surgery planning, operation, recovery and after care are all done by the assigned doctor from start to finish with no shadow doctors.
  • Honest Consultation AT DA Plastic Surgery, we do not recommend unnecessary surgery and do not over-treat our patients.

DA`s Thought: The value of research

We believe that good doctors should have the basic skills for operation and continuously research and study for better results. DA continues to research for our patients’ safety and better results for higher satisfaction.

Safety is our main priority

Joint treatment system with specialists from each field, Safe anesthesia system that is equivalent to university hospitals and high tech medical devices to complete safe surgery with highly satisfactory results. Also, professional after-care service is provided to care for our patients from start to finish.

  • Specialists from each field Each specialist cares for the patient from start to finish
  • Joint Treatment System Joint treatment system composed of doctors from plastic surgery, dentistry, dermatology and anesthesiology to provide safe and professional surgery.
  • University leveled safety system In case of an emergency, we are equipped with defibrillator and emergency kit, and uninterruptable power supply which are equivalent to university hospital safety system.
  • Anesthesia System Anesthesiologists are present at the hospital all year long to provide the appropriate anesthesia method to our patients.
  • High-tech medical devices 3D CT scan, new HD endoscopes, X-rays and ultrasounds to increase the accuracy of the surgery
  • Post-operation care system To quicken recovery and for more satisfactory results, we provide professional post-op care.

DA: Clinic that gives back to the community

DA supports patients with facial deformation for them to dream of a better tomorrow and step into the world with hope and confidence.