Long Curved Square Jaw Surgery

Long resection from square jaw to front chin
  • Duration
    1 hr 30 mins
  • Anesthesia
  • Hospitalization
    1 Day
  • Stitch removal
    After 2 weeks
  • Recovery
    3~4 Days

※ May differ in inidividuals

What is DA’s Long Curved Square Jaw Surgery?

Long curved square jaw surgery involves making a smooth cut from the square jaw to the front jaw which has more dramatic effect from the side and frontal view compared to the old surgical method that only cut off the square jaw angle.

At DA Plastic SurgeryWe focus on the shape of the bone rather than the amount of bone cut off and will find the most natural and beautiful facial line for each individuals.

Candidates for Shaping V-line

  • Want slim facial line
  • Developed square jaw
    below the ears
  • Wide facial shape with
    developed jaw bone and muscle
  • Asymmetrical face

Benefits of DA’s Long Curved Jaw Surgery

  • BENEFIT 01 Preventing secondary angle and ‘stair-case’ effect Making a smooth cut from below the ears (square jaw)
    to the front chin to prevent secondary angles and ‘stair-case’ effects.
  • BENEFIT 02 Dramatic frontal view effect Compared to the previous square jaw surgery,
    cutting the bone in a long slender line
    to create a slim facial line from the frontal view.
  • BENEFIT 03 Natural line from any angle Analyzing each individual’s bone shape, rather than cutting off
    excessive amount of bone can create natural facial line from any angle.

Surgical Method for Long Curved Square Jaw Surgery

  • STEP 01 Intra-oral incision Incision inside the mouth after analyzing jaw bone structure and nerve lines.
  • STEP 02 Osteotomy Smooth cut from the bone below the ears till the front chin, as planned.
  • STEP 03 Smooth Line Creating smooth jaw line with no secondary angles.
  • STEP 04 Osteotomy of cortical bone If needed, osteotomy of the cortical bone for a more dramatic effect.

DA’s Shaping Contouring proves by the results

  • First,1:1 Analysis of individual’s facial structure
  • Second,Plastic Surgery specialist with years
    of experience and know-how
  • Third,Continuous research on new surgical
    methods for facial contouring surgery