Smile Double Jaw Surgery

Moving the upper jaw and correct lower jaw osteotomy
is the answer to no-failure double jaw surgery!
Recovery of oral functions and beautiful results at the same time!
  • Duration
    2 Hrs
  • Anesthesia
  • Hospitalization
    1 ~ 2 days
  • Stitch removal
    6 days after surgery
  • Recovery
    3~4 Days

※ May differ in inidividuals

What is DA’s Smile Double Jaw Surgery?

Double jaw surgery involves correcting the placement of upper and lower jaw to improve oral functions and also improve the facial shape.

At DA Plastic Surgery, minimal re-location of the upper jaw angle to minimize the movement of the upper jaw results in stable occlusion and an ideal facial shape.

Key Points of Smile Double Jaw Surgery

Improving oral functions, and also lip shape, length of philtrum, shape of smile and improving the overall look and finding the ideal location for upper and lower jaw relocation point.

Candidates for Smile Double Jaw Surgery

  • Lantern Jaw
    (Lower Jaw is more developed than the upper jaw)
  • Upper and Lower jaw
    are both protruding forward
  • Asymmetrical balance of facial bone,
    fat and/or muscles
  • Small chin due to
    chin going inwards
  • Upper jaw is
    pushed backwards

Benefits of DA’s Smile Double Jaw Surgery

  • BENEFIT 01 Natural mouth shape Preventing “nutcracker face” by selecting and moving the upper jaw into the ideal place to create a natural mouth shape when smiling.
  • BENEFIT 02 Beautiful Smile Creating beautiful smiles by rotating the cut off bone into clockwise direction to prevent awkward lip shape and “nutcracker face”
  • BENEFIT 03 Recovery of jaw and oral functions Improving the jaw and oral functions by selecting and fixing the bone firmly into the correct place.
  • BENEFIT 04 Small and slender face Creating small and slender facial shape by accurately analyzing the osteotomy location with regards to the facial line changes and performing accurate surgery.

What makes DA’s Smile Double Jaw Surgery Special?

  • 01 Accurate diagnosis and operation Joint treatment between plastic surgeon, orthodontist and anesthesiologist for accurate analysis and set detailed surgical plan.
  • 02 Improving oral function and beauty Improving oral functions plus creating small and beautiful facial shape.
  • 03 Responsibility of designated surgeon Designated surgeon, with years of experience and know-how will take full responsibility of the patient.
  • 04 Continuous research on facial bone surgery Doctors at DA do continuous research regarding facial bone research and new surgical methods.
  • 05 Systematic After-Care Program After-care program for patients to reduce swelling, bruising and pain.

What makes DA’s Smile Double Jaw Surgery Special?

  • First,Joint treatment system with accurate and systematical safety system
  • Second,Plastic Surgery specialist with years of experience and know-how
  • Third,Continuous research on new surgical methods for double jaw surgery