Protruding Lip Surgery

Accurate diagnosis and Accurate analysis
  • Duration
    2 Hrs
  • Anesthesia
  • Hospitalization
    1 ~ 2 days
  • Stitch removal
    2 weeks after surgery
  • Recovery
    2 weeks~1 month

※ May differ in inidividuals

What is Protruding Lip Surgery?

Protruding lip surgery involves pushing back only the front teeth and gum compared to
double jaw surgery which moves both upper and lower jaw bone.

At DA Plastic Surgery,We accurately analyze the difference between double jaw
and protruded lip surgery cases and perform accurate surgeries that is suitable for each individual

Candidates for Smile Double Jaw Surgery

  • Teeth and gum
    are protruded
  • Protruding lips but
    does not have a long facial shape
  • No effects
    shown from braces

Double Jaw Surgery VS Protruding Lip Surgery
What surgery should I receive?

If a protruding lip surgery is done on patient who needs a double jaw surgery, it will result in longer, asymmetrical face with chance of “nutcracker face”. Its very important to analyze the factors and operate accordingly.

  Double Jaw Surgery Protruding Lip Surgery
Incision Area
Surgical Method - Osteotomy of upper and lower jaw - Cutting only the frontal protruding teeth and gum, pushing it backwards and firmly fixing it in place
Candidates - Protruding lips and chin
- Protruding lips with long facial shape
- Protruding Lips Only
- Protruding lips without long facial shape
- No effective results from braces
Pros - Able to fix the facial shape
- Able to fix asymmetrical facial shape
- No need for intermaxillary calibration
- Quick Recovery

Benefits of DA’s Protruding Lip Surgery

  • BENEFIT 01 Accurate Analysis Accurately analyzing the reason of protruding lip and applying the ideal surgical method.
  • BENEFIT 02 Minimum surgical area Pushing back only the frontal teeth and gum is a simple surgery with quicker recovery time compared to double jaw surgery which involves cutting off the bone.
  • BENEFIT 03 Preventing malocclusion With high tech equipment and thorough analysis, the plastic surgeons plan out an accurate surgical plan based on their years of experience and know-how to prevent malocclusion.

Surgical Method for Protruding Lip Surgery

  • STEP 01 Teeth extraction Extracting the teeth then calculating and moving the bone to the exact place.
  • STEP 02 Bone Movement Moving the protruded frontal gum and teeth backwards
  • STEP 03 Completion of mouth shape Completion of beautiful mouth shape without over-correction.

What makes DA’s Smile Double Jaw Surgery Special?

  • 01 Accurate diagnosis and operation Joint treatment between plastic surgeon, orthodontist and anesthesiologist for accurate analysis and set detailed surgical plan.
  • 02 Improving oral function and beauty Improving oral functions plus creating small and beautiful facial shape.
  • 03 Responsibility of designated surgeon Designated surgeon, with years of experience and know-how will take full responsibility of the patient.
  • 04 Continuous research on facial bone surgery Doctors at DA do continuous research regarding facial bone research and new surgical methods.
  • 05 Systematic After-Care Program After-care program for patients to reduce swelling, bruising and pain.

What makes DA’s Smile Double Jaw Surgery Special?

  • First,Joint treatment system with accurate and systematical safety system
  • Second,Plastic Surgery specialist with years of experience and know-how
  • Third,Continuous research on new surgical methods for double jaw surgery