Smile Triple Jaw Surgery

Improving both microgenia (small chin) and protruded mouth at the same time
  • Duration
    2 Hrs
  • Anesthesia
  • Hospitalization
    1 ~ 2 days
  • Stitch removal
    2 weeks after surgery
  • Recovery
    2 weeks~1 month

※ May differ in inidividuals

What is DA’s Triple Jaw Surgery?

  • Protruded Lip Surgery
  • Double Jaw Surgery
  • Triple Jaw Surgery

Triple Jaw Surgery is a combination of protruded lip surgery and double jaw surgery and is done in cases where extreme microgenia (small chin) and protruded lip exist at the same time

Cases with severe protruded lips and microgenia cannot be corrected with either protruded lip surgery or double jaw surgery. To correct both protruded lip and microgenia, triple jaw surgery is needed.

Candidates for DA’s Triple Jaw Surgery

  • Protruded lip due to dental alveolus
    (gum bone) protruding out
  • Extreme case of microgenia (small chin)
    with lower jaw positioned backward
  • Did not see effective
    results after braces
  • Overall mouth shape is protruded due to
    protruded lip and microgenia
  • Jaw bone makes noises or
    have pain around the jaw bone

DA’s Triple Jaw Know-Hows

Triple Jaw Surgery has more incision areas then double jaw surgery and it requires detail and highly skilled surgeon to plan out the surgery without 1mm of error.

DA’s Triple jaw surgery is done safely and accurately with joint treatment system from specialists from each medical field and thorough analysis and diagnosis of the patient’s condition.
Also, with our 1:1 personalized system, from before and after the surgery, we promise to bring highly satisfactory results.

  • 01. 1:1 care from the designated surgeon
  • 02. Joint treatment system for accurate analysis and diagnosis
  • 03. Natural facial line
  • 04. Individualized after-care system
  • 05. Detailed analysis using 3D CT Scan

Surgical Method for Triple Jaw Surgery

  • STEP 01 Osteotomy Osteotomy of gum bone
  • STEP 02 Protruded Lip Correction Correcting the location of gum bone and teeth
  • STEP 03 Moving the posterior jaw bone Moving the posterior jaw bone by double jaw surgery
  • STEP 04 Correction Correcting both microgenia and protruded lip at the same time

What makes DA’s Smile Double Jaw Surgery Special?

  • 01 Accurate diagnosis and operation Joint treatment between plastic surgeon, orthodontist and anesthesiologist for accurate analysis and set detailed surgical plan.
  • 02 Improving oral function and beauty Improving oral functions plus creating small and beautiful facial shape.
  • 03 Responsibility of designated surgeon Designated surgeon, with years of experience and know-how will take full responsibility of the patient.
  • 04 Continuous research on facial bone surgery Doctors at DA do continuous research regarding facial bone research and new surgical methods.
  • 05 Systematic After-Care Program After-care program for patients to reduce swelling, bruising and pain.

What makes DA’s Smile Double Jaw Surgery Special?

  • First,Joint treatment system with accurate and systematical safety system
  • Second,Plastic Surgery specialist with years of experience and know-how
  • Third,Continuous research on new surgical methods for double jaw surgery