DA Double Jaw Revision

Correcting both jaw function and beauty, with years of skill and know-how from surgeons who invented smile double jaw surgery.
  • Duration
    2 Hrs
  • Anesthesia
  • Hospitalization
    1 ~ 2 days
  • Stitch removal
    2 weeks after surgery
  • Recovery
    2 weeks~1 month

※ May differ in inidividuals

Why Double Jaw Revision Surgery is difficult

  • Firstly
    Limitations due to incised jaw bones
    It’s difficult to correct the bones that have already been incised from the previous double jaw surgery
  • Secondly
    Limitations to bone fixation
    In most cases, removing the pins from the previous surgery may result in loss of jaw bone or thinning of jaw bones. Due to this, there are limitations to re-fixing the jaw bones in place.
  • Thirdly
    Anatomical structure changes
    There will be difficulties due to anatomical changes in jaw bone, nerves, muscle and skin.

Why receive double jaw revision surgery at DA?

  • Personalized treatment plan
    At DA Plastic Surgery, we have a joint treatment system that thoroughly analyzes the reason for failure from the 1st surgery and plan out a personalized surgical plan to bring satisfactory results to our patients.
  • Satisfactory Results
    Double jaw revision surgery is changing the facial bone shape that has already been transformed. It requires high skills from an experienced surgeon with knowledge of the bone structure and bone fixing points. DA’s surgeons with years of know-how and experience, will analyze the reason of failure of the previous surgery and perform accurate surgery to bring out satisfactory results.
  • Safety System
    At DA Plastic Surgery, we think safety first. With detailed analysis of the patient’s condition before the surgery and with 1:1 monitoring during and after the surgery, we promise to perform safe surgeries and care for our patient’s safety.

Candidates for DA’s Double Jaw Revision

  • Double jaw surgery did not
    improve the overall appearance
  • Double jaw surgery created
    narrow lips or nutcracker face
  • Double jaw surgery created
    asymmetrical face and/or did
    not improve the jaw function problems
  • Successful correction
    but results are not satisfactory
  • Received wrong surgery
    due to incorrect diagnosis

Surgical Method for Triple Jaw Surgery

  • POINT 01 Safe Desquamation Desquamation is not easy because of the high degree of adhesion between bone and tissues. DA Plastic Surgery’s specialists have decades of clinical experiences and surgical skills for a safe desquamation.
  • POINT 02 Figuring out the fixation point Finding the new fixation point is important, as the previous surgery has already cut off the bone and fixed it with fixation pins. If a suitable fixation point cannot be found, new and safe fixation point can be made through bone grafting.
  • POINT 03 Correcting the asymmetry of the anatomical structure. Facial bones, muscles and nerves that were wrongly positioned during the previous surgery are adjusted to the proper position to treat asymmetry and the functional problems of the face.
  • POINT 04 Creating a slender facial contour line By relocating the facial bone to the most suitable position, it can solve the problems of the previous surgery and create a beautiful and slender facial contour line.

What makes DA’s Smile Double Jaw Surgery Special?

  • 01 Accurate diagnosis and operation Joint treatment between plastic surgeon, orthodontist and anesthesiologist for accurate analysis and set detailed surgical plan.
  • 02 Improving oral function and beauty Improving oral functions plus creating small and beautiful facial shape.
  • 03 Responsibility of designated surgeon Designated surgeon, with years of experience and know-how will take full responsibility of the patient.
  • 04 Continuous research on facial bone surgery Doctors at DA do continuous research regarding facial bone research and new surgical methods.
  • 05 Systematic After-Care Program After-care program for patients to reduce swelling, bruising and pain.

What makes DA’s Smile Double Jaw Surgery Special?

  • First,Joint treatment system with accurate and systematical safety system
  • Second,Plastic Surgery specialist with years of experience and know-how
  • Third,Continuous research on new surgical methods for double jaw surgery