Eyebrow Lifting

Naturally lifted eyes, wrinkle removal,
and younger-looking eyes, all at the same time!
  • Duration
    an hour
  • Anesthesia
  • Hospitalization
    Not Required
  • Stitch removal
    After 5
    to 7 days
  • Recovery
    3 to 4 days

※ May differ in inidividuals

What is DA’s Eyebrow Lifting?

Skin on the eyelids are very thin and weak. It continues to droop as aging processes, then double eyelids droop as well, creating a stuffy impression
Eyebrow lifting makes a minimum incision on the droopy skin under the eyebrows
to recreate a natural and younger-looking eyes without double eyelid surgery.
It is a very simple but effective surgery that recreates younger-looking eyes without influencing the double eyelids,
and is very much known for its unnoticeable scar.

Candidates for DA’s Eyebrow Lifting

  • 01CASE Those with droopy
    skin on eyelids
  • 02CASE Gloomy and sad impression
    due to droopy skin
    on the outline of the eye
  • 03CASE When droopy skin on
    eyelids interrupt eyesight
  • 04CASE Those with wrinkles on forehead
    and in between the eyes due to
    constant raising of the
    eyebrow caused by droopy eyelids

Eyebrow Lifting Surgery Process

  • STEP 01 Before surgery
  • STEP 02 Design and outline the area for incision
  • STEP 03 Make an incision under the eyebrows to lift the droopy eyelids
  • STEP 04 Pull up the incision area
  • STEP 05 After surgery

Benefits of DA Eyebrow Lifting

  • BENEFIT 01 Young and fresh looking eyes
  • BENEFIT 02 Maintain original eye-line
  • BENEFIT 03 Improve droopy eyes without change in image
  • BENEFIT 04 Unnoticeable scar