DA Premium Care

It all starts when the surgery is over

What is DA’s Premium Breast Care?

  • 01 Analyzing the patient’s chest and upper body line to select the appropriate incision area
  • 02 Selecting the ideal implant based on size and texture from a range of implant options that were approved by the FDA
  • 03 Perform accurate surgery using 1-time keller funnel and HD endoscope

DA Premium Breast Care Program

Day of Surgery

  • 1 Day Hospitalization 1 Day hospitalization is necessary to check the patient’s progress and for safe recovery
  • Care from designated nurse Focus on recovery with care from a designated nurse
  • Pain Control After surgery pain killers are inserted through the IV to control pain.
  • Special diet for swelling Provide special meal to help reduce swelling after surgery (e.g. pumpkin soup)
  • 1 week after surgery LCL treatment for swelling care (Arm & Abdomen) Laser treatment that induces lymph node circulation to reduce swelling of arm and abdomen area that occurred after surgery.
  • 3/5/7/9 weeks after surgery RF High Frequency Care To reduce swelling and induce circulation and skin collagen regeneration. Skin relaxation and elasticity care
  • 5/7/9 weeks after surgery Scar Treatment Personalized scar treatment using CLARITY. Injection treatment and other treatments may be prescribed depending on the patient’s scar condition.
  • 6 months after surgery Breast Check-up 6 months after surgery, breast examination is done to check for scarring, capsular contraction or infection and if side effects occurred, support for revision surgery is provided.
  • DA Premium Breast Surgery System 01 Hospitalization Program
  • 01 Focus only on recovery during hospitalization
  • 02 1:1 care from designated nurse
  • 03 Special Diet for swelling care
  • DA Premium Breast Surgery System 02 Capsular contraction prevention
  • 01 Consume capsular contraction prevention medicine
  • 02 Maintain the breast shape with personalized bra made to fit individual’s breast size.
  • DA Premium Breast Surgery System 03 Texture Program
  • Full visibility using HD endoscope for more accurate implant insertion
  • Inserting implants using disposable, aseptic kennel funnel forming thin capsule
  • Shooting high frequency energy into the deep layer of skin to smooth out the implant capsule
  • DA Premium Breast Surgery System 04 Pain Control
  • 1:1 Care from designated nurse
  • Prescribe pain killers
  • Patient Controlled Analgesia
  • DA Premium Breast Surgery System 05 Scar Care
  • 01 Colored Scar Improving colored scar (red, brown looking) by using laser equipment that were approved by the FDA.
  • 02 Bumpy Scar Bumpy scars can be treated by injection treatment.
  • 03 Scar Surgery If the scarring is extreme, scar surgery is performed by re-doing the stitches on the scar area. Personalized surgery is performed based on the texture, shape and color of the scar.

DA’s Special After-Care Program

  • 01 Improving swelling on arm and abdomen Improving swelling that occurred during surgery Help lymph circulation and skin regeneration by using low-energy laser Helps improve scarring and exhaust toxic waste Small amount of fat reduction
  • 02 Preventing Capsular Contraction with RF High Frequency Massage Low stimulation massage using ultrasound waves Stimulating the deep layer of skin to regenerate skin and collagen.
  • 03 Calming down the skin with Cryocell Skin calming effect by freezing the outer skin layer Lowering the skin temperature to help with swelling and pain
  • 04 Breast Skin Care Calming down the skin after surgery Hydrating the skin and improve elasticity
  • 05 Improve scarring by using silicon gel Sicacare Silicon Gel patch Improve scars after surgery