DA Glam Body-Fit

Adding perfect body line to voluminous breasts

What is DA’s Glam Body Fit?

DA’s Glam Body Fit creates glamorous breast line with breast
surgery and remove unnecessary fat at the same time.

At DA, we analyze the patient’s skin, breast condition through various exams
and choose the ideal breast implant and perform breast surgery.
In addition, perform non-invasive procedure such as Liposonic Heatslim
to break down unnecessary fat and create slim and tight body line simultaneously.

Candidates for DA’s Glam Body Fit Program

  • 01CASE Want to improve both
    breast size and body line
  • 02CASE Want liposuction results
    but afraid to undergo liposuction
  • 03CASE Worried about
    abdomen/waistline fat
  • 04CASE Love handles
    when wearing underwear
  • 05CASE Need improvement on breast,
    abdomen and arms

DA Glam Body Fit Program

    DA Breast Surgery
    • Duration
      1hr 30min
    • Anesthesia
    • Recovery
      2 to 3 days
    Natural shape, line and texture
    Various implant options
    Virtual surgery with 3D Breast Scanner
    Detailed and systematical after-care program
    Liposonic Heatslim
    • Duration
    • Anesthesia
      Not Required
    • Recovery
      Not Required
    Improve skin elasticity that cannot be done through exercise
    Improve cellulite
    1 inch size reduction effect with only 1 treatment
    Size reduction only on certain areas of body

Characteristics of DA’s Glam Body Fit

  • POINT 01 Natural results
  • POINT 02 S-Line Body with overall balance
  • POINT 03 Voluminous breast and tight body line
  • POINT 04 1:1 Personalized consultation with the specialist
  • POINT 05 Specialist with years of know-how and experience