DA Liposuction

Re-designing your body into ideal S-Line
Hiding away the flaws and creating the ideal body line
  • Duration
  • Anesthesia
  • Hospitalization
    Not Required
  • Stitch removal
    After 7 days
  • Recovery
    1 day

DA’s Slimbody Liposuction!

  • Successful Diet
    By extracting unnecessary fat cells and reducing the amount of fat inside the body to improve overall body line
  • Perfect Diet
    Surgical plan that considers each individual’s body type and distribution of fat cells to provide highly satisfactory results
  • Balanced Body
    Creating feminine body considering not only extracting fat, but considering each individual’s body type.

Candidates for DA’s Slim Body Liposuction

  • 01CASE Excessive fat in
    certain areas
  • 02CASE Working out and dietary supplements
    were not effective in losing weight
  • 03CASE Desire slim body line
    in short amount of time
  • 04CASE Evenly distributed
    body fat overall
  • 05CASE Workout did not achieve
    the desired body line
  • 06CASE Stressed out due to
    continuous failed diets

DA Slim Body Liposuction Process

  • STEP 01. Body Exam Detailed analysis for safe surgery
  • STEP 02. Pre-op Design 1:1 personalized design plan
  • STEP 03. Liposuction Safety system and operating theatres that are university hospital leveled
  • STEP 04. After-care Heatslim Heatslim, DA’s after-care program that brings highly satisfactory results

DA Slimbody Liposuction

Characteristics of DA Slimbody Liposuction

More Slim, More Accurate