DA Diet Attack

Accurately through Liposuction!
Simply through Liposonix!
Quickly with Max-slim!
  • Duration
    1 hr
  • Anesthesia
  • Hospitalization
    Not Required
  • Stitch removal
    After 7 days
  • Recovery
    1 day

DA Diet Attack!

  • Liposuction
    Size reduction and correcting body line
    Removing body fat to minimize reoccurrence of gaining body fat
  • Liposonix
    Burning and destroying body fat
    Effective results after one treatment
  • Max-Slim
    Maximum results by combining with liposuction
    DA’s combined body contouring program
    Adipo, LCL and Extracorpeal shock wave treatment

PROGRAM 01. Liposuction + Max-Slim

Creating the desired body line with the benefits of liposuction and max-slim, resulting in firm and tight body line.

Effects of Liposuction + Max-Slim

  • 01EFFECT Accurate Fat Removal
    with Liposuction
  • 02EFFECT Removing subcutaneous fat
    and intra-abdominal
    fat with Max-Slim
  • 03EFFECT Minimize possibility of
    regaining fat with Liposuction
  • 04EFFECT Improving tightness
    with Max-Slim
  • 05EFFECT Improving cellulite
    with Liposuction
  • 06EFFECT Improving swelling
    with Max-Slim

PROGRAM 02. Liposonix + Max-Slim

This program is suitable for those who are uncomfortable with liposuction. This program combines liposonix and max-slim which are effective body-line contouring procedure resulting in a tight body line. It shows effective slimming results within 1 hour, 1 time treatment with 1 inch size reduction.

Effects of Liposonix + Max-Slim

  • 01EFFECT Non-Surgical fat
    burning with liposonix
  • 02EFFECT Fat removal effect
    with Max-Slim
  • 03EFFECT Size reduction in short
    amount of time with Liposonix
  • 04EFFECT Increase skin tightness
    with Max-Slim
  • 05EFFECT Improving obesity
    with Liposonix
  • 06EFFECT Improving body line
    with Max-Slim

Characteristics of DA Slimbody Liposuction

More Slim, More Accurate