DA’s non-surgical body contouring program that combines
5 different procedures to make quick changes to the body line effectively
  • Duration
  • Anesthesia
  • Hospitalization
    Not Required
  • Stitch removal
    After 7 days
  • Recovery
    1 day

What is DA Max 5 Slim?

DA Max 5 Slim is a body contouring program that combines DA’s 5 different unique non-surgical body contouring procedures to maximize the effect of body contouring. It does not apply only one procedure on the desired area, but applies 5 different procedures for not only dropping size also removes body fat, improves body-line, enhance skin tightness, and reduce swelling.

Candidates for Max 5 Slim

  • 01CASE Those who want to
    lose body fat
    but has fear of surgery
  • 02CASE Those who want to
    reduce size
    in short period of time
  • 03CASE Those who want to
    return to daily life quickly
  • 04CASE Those who want to
    improve body line
  • 05CASE Those who are stressed about
    specific parts of the body

Uniqueness of Max 5 Slim

  • Non-surgical, non-incisional body contouring As the treatment is done non-surgical and non incisional method, it’s suitable for patients who are afraid to undergo surgery.
  • Simple procedure with no recovery time Quick treatment with no recovery time needed, so patients can immediately return to daily life.
  • Natural Body Contouring As it is a non-surgical and non incisional method, there are no scarring after the treatment and there are no damages on the skin such as bruising, swelling or pain so you can have effective slimming results without anyone knowing.
  • Destroying fat cells for long lasting effect This treatment destroys the fat cells and compared to the old treatments that only reduced them, has more effective results in size reduction and the effects will last longer.

Max 5 Slim Program

  • Adipo
    Lose cellulites
    Reduce swelling
    Improve cellulite
    Enhance skin tightness
  • Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy
    Subcutaneous fat fusion
    Loss of intra-abdominal fat
    Improve body-line
    Drop in size
  • LCL
    Expedite fat emission
    Improve circulation
    Reduce swelling
    Reduce body-fat
  • Slim Body Injection
    Reduce Swelling
    Increase elasticity
    Improve cellulite
  • Lipoderm
    Destroy fat cells
    Reduce body fat
    Simple and quick procedure

Characteristics of DA Slimbody Liposuction

More Slim, More Accurate