DA Stem Cell Fat Grafting

Tight Skin and Dimensional Volume with excellent engraftment rate!
  • Duration
    1 Hour
    30 Mins
  • Anesthesia
  • Hospitalization
    Not required
  • Stitch removal
    Not required
  • Recovery
    3~4 Days

※ May differ in inidividuals

Candidates for DA Stem Cell Fat Grafting

  • Volume
    Aged face due to loss of face volume
  • Younger Face
    Want softer and younger facial line
  • High engraftment Rate
    Want fat grafting with high engraftment rate
  • Scar Reconstruction
    Want to treat acne and scars
  • Body Correction
    Want volume in breast and hips

What is DA’s Stem Cell Fat Grafting?

Stem cell fat grafting is a surgical procedure that has increased the low engraftment rate of the present fat grafting method.

Stem cells create new blood vessels on the grafted area and expedite cell regeneration to increase the fat engraftment rate. By grafting both stem cells and fat, natural volume is maintained with skin regeneration effect that results in skin tone improvement and tight skin.

Fat can be harvested from individual’s thighs or abdomen and collect pure fat and stem cells and graft it to necessary body parts and there are no rejection due to using autologous fat and stem cells.

Fat Grafting VS Stem Cell Fat Grafting

  • Fat Grafting
    Autologous Fat
    Surgical Areas: Face and Breast
    Engraftment Rate: 30~50%
  • PRP Fat Grafting
    Autologous Fat + Stem Cells
    Surgical Areas: Face, Breast, Buttocks, Scar Tissue
    Engraftment Rate: 80~90%

Surgical Areas for Stem Cell Fat Grafting

Surgical Method for Stem Cell Fat Grafting

Characteristics of DA Fat Grafting

  • Good Quality Stem Cell and Fat Cells - Using specialized equipment that prohibits cell damage
    - Use fresh fat for 2nd fat grafting
  • Increasing engraftment rate - Stem cells creating micro vessels
    - Expediting creation of new blood vessels
  • Preventing calcification - Prohibiting immune reaction to dead fat cells
    - Prevention of cell calcification
  • Predictable and effective results - Grafting only the necessary amount
    - Natural and effective results