Lip Petit Surgery

Turn your thin lip into a thicker and more attractive lip!
DA Petit Lip Surgery
  • Duration
    30~40 Mins
  • Anesthesia
  • Hospitalization
    Not required
  • Stitch removal
    Not required
  • Recovery
    2~3 Days

※ May differ in inidividuals

Candidates for DA Noble Surgery

  • 01CASE Those who have lots of
    wrinkle around the mouth
  • 02CASE Those who have thin lips
    creating a stubborn
    facial expression
  • 03CASE Those who have
    asymmetrical lips
  • 04CASE Those who are
    worried about their
    bumpy lip contour

What is DA Lip Petit Surgery?

Thin and small lips create a cold and mean face and makes you look older.

If you have thin or small lips, you can create a voluminous, thick, balanced lip with DA’s lip petit surgery.

Surgical Method for Lip Petit Surgery

  • Gums showing when smiling
    Loosening the muscle that lifts the lip with Botox to mend the lip line
  • Loss of lip volume
    Filling up the volume with filler and fat grafts

Characteristics of Lip Petit Surgery

  • Relatively fast and simple treatment
  • Thick and natural mouth line
  • DA’s high quality safety system
  • Use of original products that are certified by the FDA, KFDA