DA Lip Surgery

Clear lip line, voluminous and attractive lip!
DA Lip Surgery
  • Duration
    50 Mins
  • Anesthesia
  • Hospitalization
    Not required
  • Stitch removal
    After 7 days
  • Recovery
    1~2 Weeks

※ May differ in inidividuals

Candidates for DA Lip Surgery

  • 01CASE Those with thin lips
    that is not in proportion
    with the whole face
  • 02CASE Those who want voluminous
    and attractive lips
  • 03CASE Those with stubby facial
    expression due to thick lips
  • 04CASE Upper and lower lips
    are not in proportion

What is DA’s Mouth Shape Surgery?

Mouth shape surgery is creating beautiful lips by expanding or reducing the lip size, considering the ideal volume and balance to the whole face.

Ideal lip proportions are for upper lip: 6~8mm, lower lip: 10~12mm.
DA’s specialist considers individual’s lip shape, and create ideal lip size that is in proportion with the whole face.

Surgical Method for Mouth Shape Surgery

Case 01: Lip Augmentation

  • First Adding volume to the upper lip with maintaining the natural shape of the lip to create a younger looking image.
  • Second Adding volume to the thin lips for fresh and beautiful lip line
  • Third Creating balance by improving volume to thin lips
  • STEP 01 Make an incision above the outline of upper lip
  • STEP 02 Pull up the upper lip to enlarge
  • STEP 03 Creation of full, voluminous lips

Case 02: Lip Reduction

  • First Reducing the volume of the upper lip but keeping the natural curve of the lip
  • Second Reducing the volume of the lower lip but keeping the natural plumpness
  • Third Reducing the stuffy lip to a more appropriate size for a womanly look
  • STEP 01 Decide on the desired thickness and shape by 1:1 consultation
  • STEP 02 Incision is made where the outer lip meets the inner part of the lip
  • STEP 03 Creation of desired lip by reducing appropriate sections of the lip tissue

Characteristics of DA Lip Surgery

  • Correcting thin lips to the ideal size to create voluminous lips
  • Correcting thick lips to the ideal size to create beautiful lips
  • Transforming into a feminine image
  • Detailed and correct surgery with DA’s specialist