DA Plastic Surgery’s Safe Anesthesia System for safe operation

Oath of DA Plastic Surgery’s Doctors

  • Every surgeon at DA Plastic Surgery promises not to be a “shadow doctor”
  • The designated medical practitioner promises to take care of the patient through the whole surgical process.
  • We promise to practice medicine based on truthful mind and belief
  • We promise to faithfully comply to the 6 safety rules below

DA Plastic Surgery’s Safety Rule

  • Safety Rule No.1 Use of real name system in operating theatres with no shadow doctors At DA Plastic Surgery, based on the new medical law, we have acquired real name system in operating theatres to provide correct information to patients about their medical surgeon.
  • Safety Rule No.2 Honest Consultation & Individualized Surgical Plan We only recommend surgeries that are necessary for the patient and we do not recommend unnecessary surgery or over-diagnose our patients.
    We also plan out individualized surgical plan based on individual’s pre-op exams that are equivalent to university hospital leveled pre-op exams.
  • Safety Rule No.3 Safety as our priority At DA Plastic Surgery we have a safety system in and out of the operating theatre to perform safe surgeries.
  • Safety Rule No.4 Doctors taking responsibility of their patients DA Plastic Surgery is run by exclusive responsibility system which the designated doctor takes responsibility of his/her patient and goes through the whole process of surgical planning, operation, and after care without a shadow doctor.
  • Safety Rule No.5 Systematical and professional after care center At DA Plastic Surgery, we run systematic and professional after-care center to bring more satisfactory results and for fast recovery of our patients.
  • Safety Rule No.6 Endless study and research At DA Plastic Surgery, our doctors study and research endlessly to bring highly satisfactory results to our patients.

DA Plastic Surgery – Maintaining the Basics and Principle

Every staff member at DA Plastic Surgery will think of our patients as priority and always care for our patients with honest and rightful mind

  • Honesty
  • Professionalism
  • Safety
  • Beauty
  • Trust
  • Global