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DA Aftercare Program

  • DA Plastic Surgery’s After-Care Program with SMARTLUX
    The process of surgery does not end with the surgery itself. The after-care is almost as important as the surgery itself. For more satisfactory results, DA Plastic Surgery have established the SmartLux system, which is a high tech LED laser that has been approved by the KFDA. SmartLux system is a after-care program which helps patients recover faster and bring more highly satisfactory results to our patients at DA.

What is SmartLux?

What is SmartLux?

SmartLux is a SMART Phototherapy machine that shoots strong LED lights onto the skin, and is a safe and side-effect free procedure.

Bright lights coming out from SLD (light source) can have an immense treatment effect within a short period of time (10~20mins) and variety of treatments can be done by controlling the wavelength and the strength of the light. SmartLux system can select the most effective wavelength for skin treatment and is effective for anti-aging, skin regeneration, acne treatment, scarring, hair growth, and other various skin troubles and is also effective for reducing swelling and relieving pain after surgery.

  • Features of SmartLux
    Powerful and effective treatment in short duration of time due to various treatment heads with different wavelengths.
    Able to shoot various wavelength and lights which enables variety of treatment options and create a strong synergy effect.
    Wide treatment area enabling treatment of overall face and body
    Painless and side effect-free, unlike existing laser treatments
    No appearance of redness or scabs which enables immediate return to daily life
    Safe and simple acne treatment compared to the existing acne treatments that are longer in duration and creates uneasiness in daily life.

Effects of SmartLux

  • Anti-aging Combining with other treatments and/or 1~2 SmartLux treatment for anti-aging effects.
  • Whitening Combining with other treatments and/or 1~2 SmartLux treatment for improvement in skin tone.
  • Skin relaxing effect Skin relieving effect for redness, skin infection and other sensitive skin
  • Shingles and neuralgia after shingles Helps relieve neuralgia after shingles as well as relieve infection in the early stages
  • Control acne Control acne with its blue wavelength and increase effect by combining with various photic reactant
  • Hair Loss Treatment Combining treatment with basic hair loss treatment or only SmartLux treatment to prevent hair loss and have hair growth effect.

What is high-frequency treatment for breast?

High-frequency treatment penetrates high-frequency energy into the skin to vitalize regeneration of collagen in the skin layer to create more elastic and healthy looking skin. DA Plastic Surgery runs not only treatment for swelling and pain, but also treatment for scars.
Increase Skin Elasticity + Collagen Regeneration + Quick Recovery

DA Aftercare Program

  • Skin care after facial contouring and double jaw surgery
    Facial care begins on the day of stitch removal
    Rubber pack will be used depending on the type of skin
    Care program is done once a week for 4 weeks.
    You can also request additional exclusive care by our dermatologist and skin care therapist.
  • After-care system for breast surgery with high-frequency care
    DA Plastic Surgery runs a high-frequency care system to help patients who went through breast surgery to return to daily life quickly. Through joint treatment with DA’s dermatology department, DA will put our best effort to provide quicker recovery and better results with systematic high-frequency care.
  • Eye & Nose aftercare
    SmartLux Treatment
    Reduces swelling and bruising which may occur from incisions, and is very effective for blood circulation and cell regeneration.
    SmartLux Treatment + Sebum Removal
    Reduces swelling and bruising after rhinoplasty, improves blood circulation, helps cell regeneration, and removes bodily waste
  • After-care for Liposuction
    As liposuction removes fat cells in a short amount of time, the skin may lose elasticity after surgery due to reduction in size. So after-care for a tight and elastic body shape and body line is important after surgery.
  • Lifting After-care
    Lifting surgery is a relatively simple procedure, but aftercare should be done to relieve pain, swelling and bruising as well as help quick return to daily routine and to increase skin regeneration and skin elasticity.
  • High-frequency(RF) Treatment
    High-frequency treatment penetrates high-frequency energy into the skin to vitalize regeneration of collagen in the skin layer to create more elastic and healthy looking skin.