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Self-care after surgery & Precautions

  • Satisfactory results through self-care at home
    Assisting recovery after surgery by self-care at home
    Surgeon’s skill is the most important thing until surgery, but self-care can influence the final result of surgery.
    Recover your mind and body from stress by self-care at home

Self-care Methods

  • Lymph Massage
    Effect : Gently touch the skin to expedite lymph circulation to relieve swelling and remove bodily wastes and toxins.
    How to : Put four fingers below the ears and gently swipe from behind the ears to the neck line. Put your index finger and middle finger below the ear and swipe up and put gentle pressure on the fingers and press on the boundary area between the ear and the neck.
  • Ice-pack Massage
    Effect : Ice pack massage contracts the blood vessel which results in less oxygen and blood flow to the skin and reduces metabolism to relieve infection and prevent bleeding and swelling.
    How to : The most effective time is 2~3 days after surgery. Apply the ice pack on the swelling area to cool it down and please be careful not to wet the surgical area. There is a risk of a frostbite so please do not apply the ice pack for more than 5 minutes and then take a break for 5 minutes then repeat.
  • Swelling Control Massage
    Effect : Placing the warmth of the palm and putting light pressure on the face can relieve moisture and result in smooth blood circulation and fresh looking face.
    How to : Rub your hands together and apply warm pressure on the face with your two hands. Then by using your index and middle finger, starting from the temples, to below the eyebrows, cheekbones, corner of the lip and tip of the chin, apply gentle pressure for 10 seconds each.
  • Stretching
    Effect : Simple stretching can help lymph circulation and metabolism to balance the whole body and relax the mind.
    How to : With simple stretching movements, stretch out the muscles and control your breathing.