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DA Plastic Surgery Care Center

Da Plastic Surgery Care Center for highly satisfactory results

Pre-Cautions Before Surgery

  • Before Surgery 01 Prepare sunglasses, hat, masks if needed!
  • Before Surgery 02 Take a quick shower and brush your teeth before coming to the clinic, and please do not carry any valuable items with you!
  • Before Surgery 03 Driving after surgery can be dangerous, so please use public transport!
  • Before Surgery 04 Shaving your underarms is a must for breast surgery!
  • Before Surgery 05 Recommend wearing loose shirts/pants and try to avoid wearing tight clothes!
  • Before Surgery 06 Fast for 4 hours before surgery for local anesthesia (unless told otherwise), and 8 hours fasting for general anesthesia

DA Plastic Surgery Care Center Program

  • PROGRAM 01 1:1 Customized care Providing individualized after care program with suitable treatments and care depending on the patient’s condition
  • PROGRAM 02 Various after care programs on different areas After-care programs using professional medical equipment for safe after-care treatment on various surgical areas
  • PROGRAM 03 Quick Recovery Helping our patients recover quickly from swelling and bruising after surgery
  • PROGRAM 04 Comfortable Environment Lessening the pain and giving psychological comfort to our patients during their recovery period

DA Surgery Care Center is run by systematic care from skin care specialists.

  • SPECIAL01. Highly Satisfactory After-Care Programs DA Plastic Surgery Care Center has a systematic after-care program to reduce patient’s recovery time and bring more satisfactory results.

    - High Frequency Wave Care for Breast Surgery
    - Swelling Care After Surgery
    - Skin Care After Surgery
    - After-Care from designated surgeon
  • SPECIAL02. Patient Centered Service DA Plastic Surgery offers lodging service for patients coming from overseas to enable comfortable outpatient visits and to help patients concentrate on post-operative recovery.