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What is an acne?

  • Acne is a condition caused by a chronic inflammation of hair follicle and sebaceous glands. The common symptoms are whiteheads, pimples, blackheads and lumps, and leaves a scar or trace on the skin.

Procedure of acne occurrence

  • STEP 01 Developed sebaceous glands
  • STEP 02 Sebum secretion is not smooth due to various reasons such as dead skin cells and expansion of germs in the sebaceous glands occur
  • STEP 03 Expansion of skin pore and acne is generated

DA Acne Program

DA Acne Program identifies the overall cause of acne, prevent re-occurrence and provide care for skin pore,
skin tone and scar to treat overall skin problem that is caused by acne.

  • Agnes
  • New Aqua Peel
  • Black Peel
  • PHA Peel
  • Accure

Benefits of DA Pore & Acne Scar Program

  • 1:1 Individualized treatment
  • Less painful
    and quick treatment
  • Constant care
  • Comprehensive skin care

DA’s Pore & Acne Scar Program Treatment Process

  • STEP 01 1:1 Consultation with specialists
  • STEP 02 3D Skin measurements and treatment planning based on patient’s skin condition
  • STEP 03 Laser and Peeling treatment based on the individualized treatment plan
  • STEP 04 Calming care after treatment
  • STEP 05 Finish by applying moisturizer and sunscreen