Delightful Aesthetics

DA Aqua Peel

Perfect solution for age-appropriate lifting

Clear skin from the inside by removing impurities from skin pores
  • Duration
    30 Mins
  • Anesthesia
    Not Required
  • Stitch Removal
    Not Required
  • Recovery
    Not Required
  • Hospitalization
    Not Required

※ May differ in inidividuals

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What is DA’s Aqua Peel?

  • Aqua peel is a 3 step process by using peeling solution and vacuum extraction to gently peel the skin to remove impurities inside the skin pores that cause skin troubles, such as demodox, blackheads, sebum and dead skin cells. You can experience bright, hydrated skin after treatment.

Candidates for DA Aqua Peel

  • Those who are worried
    about whiteheads, blackheads
  • Those who are worried
    about frequent acnes and
    skin troubles
  • Those who are worried
    about wide skin pores
  • Those who have lots of sebum
    secretion on T and U Zone
  • Those who want to remove
    dead skin cells and sebum

Characteristics of Aqua Peel

  • Applied to all skin types
  • Short treatment time
  • Quick recovery
  • Maintain hydration

DA Aqua Peel 3 Step

  • Softly melting dead skin cells, sebum, blackheads, etc., by inserting AHA, which is a specialized solution to melt impurities inside the skin pore.
  • Removing all of impurities from the skin pore by inserting salicylic acid which has anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Finishing with supplying highly concentrated hydro essence for moisture and nutrients to clean skin pores.

Aqua Peel Treatment Process

  • STEP 01 1:1 Consultation with dermatologist
  • STEP 02 Skin Cleansing
  • STEP 03 Aqua Peel Removing skin impurities
  • STEP 04 Skin calming and regeneration care

DA Aqua Peel Treatment Areas