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DA Acure Laser

Perfect solution for age-appropriate lifting

Individualized treatment based on the symptoms of acne
  • Duration
    5~10 Mins
  • Anesthesia
  • Recovery
    Not Required

※ May differ in inidividuals

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What is DA Acure Laser?

  • Using 1450nm laser that effectively shoots directly on the sebaceous cyst to re-align abnormal sebaceous gland to reduce sebum secretion and treat acne.

DA Acure Laser

  • Acure laser uses high powered 1450nm laser that does not stimulate the skin. It works directly on the sebaceous gland which is the cause of acne by using 1450nm frequency that matches the depth of sebaceous gland. It realigns abnormal sebaceous gland to treat sebum secretion which is one of the fundamental cause of acne.

Principles of DA Acure Laser Treatment

  • Shoot acure laser
  • Restoring damaged sebaceous gland and remodeling sebaceous cyst cells
  • Decreased stimulation of sweat glands and normal secretion of sebum. Normalized sebaceous tube.
  • Improve acne and inhibit sebum generation, regenerate damaged sebaceous gland

Candidates of DA Acure Laser

  • Adult (Incurable) Acne
  • Re-occurring acne
  • Skin pore problems
    due to acne
  • Progressive acne
  • Unable to administrate
    medication for acne
  • Excessive sebum secretion

Benefits of DA Acure Laser

  • Less pain and short treatment time
  • Treatment available for those who weren’t able to administrate medication
  • Controlling sebum secretion which is the cause of acne
  • Low chance of acne re-occurrence
  • Able to return to daily life immediately after treatment

Benefits of DA Acure Laser

  • Quick procedure

    Effective results can be seen for infectious acne after 1-2 treatment sessions
  • Various effects

    Treat acne, improve scars, decrease skin pores, improve skin tightness
  • Skin regeneration

    Remodeling collagen to boost skin regeneration
  • Long lasting effects

    Improving keratinization to maximize the treatment effect and make the results last longer