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DA Agnes

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What is DA Agnes?

What is DA Agnes?

  • Inserting a specialized micro needle that has been coated and insulated to create a specialized heat energy to selectively destroy sebaceous glands.

DA Agnes

  • It delivers heat as deep into the sebaceous gland, does not damage other skin tissue and the effects last longer than other acne treatment and re-occurrence rate is lower as well.
    On average 1~3 treatments can result in satisfactory results and it is effective for adult acne, reoccurring acne, nodular acne and pulpy acne.

DA Agnes Treatment Procedure

  • Acne occurs
  • Controlling the size of the sebaceous glands from 1st extraction
  • Agnes Treatment
  • 2nd extraction

Candidates for DA Agnes

  • Re-occurring acne
  • Adult acne
  • Small acne
  • Nodular acne
    accompanied with pain
  • Pulpy acne

Characteristics of DA Agnes Treatment

  • Quick recovery due to non-invasive treatment
  • Solving the fundamental problem to show immediate results
  • Less damage to the skin tissue
  • Decreased change of re-occurrence