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DA Hydrating
Dual Toning Program

Perfect solution for age-appropriate lifting

Hydrating sensitive skin
  • Duration
    30 Mins
  • Anesthesia
  • Recovery
    Not Required

※ May differ in inidividuals

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What is DA Hydrating Dual Toning?

Using 2 types of different frequency lasers to improve skin pigmentation and using Bellasonic to hydrate sensitive and dehydrated skin to create healthy looking skin.

  • CLARITY LASER Using 744mm long pulsed alexandrite laser to improve on the dermis and boost collagen regeneration to improve blemishes.
  • SPECTRA XT LASER Using low energy 1064NMQ SWTICH END: YAG laser repeatedly on melanin pigments to destroy them and improve pigmentation with decreased amount of stimulation and heat damage to the skin.
  • Bellasonic Using the push-pull effect by ultrasound pressure it quickens the insertion of medication and using dual ultrasound it gives fine vibration to the outer and inner layer of the skin cells to boost immune system and collagen generation to result in healthy looking skin

Normal Toning VS. DA Hydrating Dual Toning

  • Normal Toning
    Effective for reducing freckles, and blemishes
  • DA Hydrating Dual Toning
    - Hydrating and calming the skin after treatment to create healthy looking skin
    - Inhibit pigmentation on the outer layer and melanin cell generation inside the skin to improve overall pigmentation
    - Boost skin regeneration to improve skin tightness
    - Effective for hard to treat pigmentation diseases

Principle of DA Hydrating Dual Toning

  • Checking the skin lesion
  • Treat with Spectra XT and Clarity Laser
  • Improving pigmentation and inhibiting melanin pigments
  • Calming down the heated skin and hydrating the skin with Bellasonic Laser
  • Improving skin lesion and providing hydration to result in healthy looking skin

Candidates for DA Hydrating Dual Toning

  • step 01 Those who
    are worried about
    comprehensive skin
  • step 02 Those who had
    side effects after treating
    freckles and blemishes
  • step 03 Those who
    are sensitive to
    existing toning
    laser treatments
  • step 04 Those who
    want to return to
    healthy skin
  • step 05 Those who
    are worried about
    skin redness
  • step 06 Those who
    did not see
    much effects from existing
    toning treatments
  • step 07 Those who
    have damaged skin
    due to repeatedly
    exposed to UV lights

Benefits of DA Hydrating Dual Toning

  • Hydrating the skin
  • Improving pigmentation
  • Inhibiting melanin pigments
  • Healthy Skin
  • Decrease pores
    and improve skin elasticity

Process of Hydrating Dual Toning Treatment

  • STEP 01 Check in and fill in questionnaire
  • STEP 02 3D Skin Scan
  • STEP 03 Doctor Consultation
  • STEP 04 Hydrating Dual Toning Treatment