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DA Einxel

Perfect solution for age-appropriate lifting

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What is DA Agnes?

What is DA Einxel?

  • Stimulating the fibroblast in the dermis by shooting high frequency energy via fine needle point.

DA Einxel

  • Effective treatment at treating acne and acne scars by genearting new collagen and elastine fiber and destroying old collagens in the dermis.

Candidates for DA Einxel

  • Those who
    are worried about
    pulpy acne and acne scars
  • Those who
    have decrease skin elasticity
    due to aging
  • Those who
    want to shrink
    their skin pores due to large pores
  • Those who
    want to improve
    unbalanced skin tone

Principal of DA Einxel Treatment

Einxel can provide personalized treatment based on the patient’s scar by personalizing the needle depth, high frequency wavelength and time.

  • Insert gold needle into the skin
  • High frequency wave treatment
    based on the patient’s scar

Pros of DA Einxel Treatment

  • Less side effects
    due to gold coated needle
  • Quick recovery within
    1-2 days after treatment
  • Treating wrinkle and scar
    at the same time
  • Short treatment time
  • Less pain