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What are acne scars?

  • Acne scars are evidence of acne and it is coarse skin that is deeply cut. It occurs when infection has occurred due to acne or secondary infection has damaged the skin cells.
    Scar with narrow bottom.
    When the scar is deep into the skin layer and into the subcutaneous fat layer
    Scar with angles.
    Usually thin but wide scar and border is clear.
    Mostly wide and round scar.
    Regular type of acne scar

Cause of Acne Scars?

  • 01. Worsened Acne
    If acne is seriously infected, the infection goes deep into the skin and leaves a red mark.
  • 02. Improper acne care
    Acne scar can occur when squeezing the pimple by hand or by un-sanitized tools as it can damage the outer layer of skin and create scars.

The cause of skin pores

  • Y shaped pores Due to aging
  • U shaped pores Due to over secretion of sebum

What are pores?

Pores are holes on the skin that hold hair and on the face, it is barely noticeable except for the area with facial hair.
Underneath the pore there is a sebaceous gland and the sebum that is made from the gland comes out from the skin pores.
After puberty, sebum secretion increases and the skin pores expand and become noticeable.

DA’s Pore & Acne Scar Program

  • Einxel High-frequency energy is released from the tip of a tiny needle to stimulate fibroblast in the skin layer
  • Rejuran Healer It injects PN, which is made of polynucleotide which was collected from salmon DNA to improve physiological condition deep inside the damaged skin.
  • Salmon Injection It creates micro-vessels to restore the damaged tissue and vitalize fibroblast to create collagen and accelerate skin regeneration when injected into damaged skin.
  • Subsicion If fiberization has started at the bottom of the scar, it cuts off the fibrous tissue from the pitted scar to fill itself up again.
  • Cure Skin Cure skin is made up of 2 billion fibroblasts and when injected into the dermis, it improves facial wrinkles and acne scars.
  • PRP Inserting the growth factor collected from the blood by using centrifuge into the skin.

Benefits of DA Pore & Acne Scar Program

  • Less Pain
  • Fast results
  • Quick recovery
  • Scar and pore reduction
  • Improve fine wrinkles
    and skin tightness
  • Remove sebum
    and skin whitening effect

DA’s Pore & Acne Scar Program Treatment Process

  • STEP 01 1:1 Consultation with specialists
  • STEP 02 3D Skin measurements and treatment planning based on patient’s skin condition
  • STEP 03 Treatment based on the medical plan
  • STEP 04 Calming care after treatment
  • STEP 05 Finish by applying moisturizer and sunscreen