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DA Small Face

Perfect solution for age-appropriate lifting

Facial fat melting and tightness all at once!
4 IN 1 program for V-line
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What is DA Small Face Program?

What is DA Small Face Program?

  • DA Small Face Program is a non-invasive, simple treatment that creates V-line by combining 4 treatments.
    Facial contouring injection that breaks down facial fat, square jaw Botox which paralyzes the jaw muscle to decrease muscle size, doublo lifting which uses ultrasound energy to deliver heat to the inner layer of the skin to lift the skin and LCL treatment which is effective at fat secretion and reducing body fat.
    Melt away the unnecessary fat and improve circulation to create more tight and smooth facial line.

Candidates for DA Small Face Program

  • Those who
    have lots of facial fat
    and have round face shape
  • Those who
    have lots of fat
    around cheeks and front chin
  • Those who
    have loss of elasticity
    and loss of chin line
  • Those who want
    a v-line face within
    short period of time
    without surgery

DA Small Face Program 4 in 1

  • Removing unnecessary face fat Facial Contouring Injection
  • Increasing skin elasticity and collagen regene Doublo Lifting
  • Decreasing the developed jaw muscle Square Jaw Botox & Remove fine wrinkles Dermotoxin
  • Increase fat secretion and decrease body fat LCL Treatment
Effects of DA Small Face Program

Effects of DA Small Face Program

  • - Completing sharp face line by removing unnecessary fat
  • - Slim chin line by paralyzing jaw muscle
  • - Tight Skin, Removing Wrinkles, Improving Skin Tone
  • - V-line lifting effect by delivering heat energy deep into the skin layer
  • - Simple treatment to improve face line

Process of DA Small Face Treatment

  • STEP 01 Accurate diagnosis by 1:1 individualized consultation with the specialist
  • STEP 02 Setting the appropriate plan based on the cause
  • STEP 03 Individualized treatment
    [Facial contouring injection/Botox/Doublo Lifting]
  • STEP 04 Individualized after care
    [LCL Treatment to expedite blood circulation]