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DA Subcision

Perfect solution for age-appropriate lifting

  • Duration
    Differs in individuals
  • Anesthesia
    Not Required
  • Recovery
    Not Required
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What is DA Subcision?

What is DA Subcision?

  • Subcision treatment uses specialized needle to the boundary between epidermis and fat layer and it is also called subcutaneous resection.
    It is an effective treatment for wide rolling scars as it stimulates new tissue generation by cutting the fibered scar tissue that pulls down the skin.
Principal of Subcision

Candidates for DA Subcision Treatment

  • Those with extreme acne scar
  • Those with wide pores
    and scarred pores
  • Those who have reoccurring
    acne on small areas

Pros of DA Subcision Treatment

Filling deep pores and scars quickly!
  • step 01 Quick recovery
    after treatment
  • step 02 Effective results
    after 1~2 treatments
  • step 03 Effective at big
    and wide scars