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DA Facial Contouring Injection

Perfect solution for age-appropriate lifting

Destroying unnecessary facial fat to create slim V-line!
  • Duration
    5~10 Mins
  • Anesthesia
  • Recovery
    Not Required

※ May differ in inidividuals

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What is DA Facial Contouring Injection?

  • DA facial contouring injection destroys unnecessary facial fat to create a slim v-line face to result in small and slender face.

Principals of Facial Contouring Injection

  • Facial contouring injection treats areas with increased amount of facial fat to destroy the fat cells and boost blood and lymph circulation to help drain out the bodily fluids and create a slim facial line. Also, it is a simple procedure for those who want a quick procedure for facial contour improvement.

Candidates for DA Facial Contouring Injection

  • Those who have lots of
    fat around the cheeks
    and chin

  • Those who want a
    v-line in short amount of time

  • Those who have lost
    facial elasticity and chin line

  • Those who have facial
    sagging after facial contouring

Pros of DA Facial Contouring Injection

  • Less pain and quick treatment. Takes around 10 minutes
  • Removing unnecessary fat to create a V-line
  • Reducing facial size
  • Thorough treatment from a specialist