Double Eyelid Surgery and Methods to Prevent Loosening of the Double Eyelids

Since Double Eyelid Surgery helps make the eyes look bigger and improves the overall beauty of the face in a short period of time, it is a surgery that people of all ages are interested in. That is why it is a surgery that is more well-known compared to other plastic surgeries. In comparison to other plastic surgeries, it is also known to be a relatively simple surgery. However, it is important to perform the surgical method which suits you best based on the double eyelid line and the shape of the eyes. As the line must look natural without loosening even after the surgery, it is important to compare surgical methods and various lines.


In general, double eyelid surgery methods are divided into incision, non-incision and natural adhesion. The incision method is a method of designing a distinct line and an appropriate shape after incision of the eyelid skin. However, if an excessive incision is made, an unnatural eye shape may be created.


If you want a more natural double eyelid line, the non-incision method can be applied. It is a method of tying by inserting a hole in the eyelid without incision and and tying with a thread. However, as time goes, the fixing force may be weakened and the double eyelid loosening may occur.


Accordingly, natural adhesion surgery can be applied. It is the method combining the advantages of the incision and non-incision method by preventing loosening of the line and fixing force. Similar to the non-incision method, it is a method of making a small hole and allowing the muscle and skin to adhere naturally.


In particular, it has a high fixing force as it is supplemented by the existing natural adhesion. After making 14 points and inserting the thread, it secures it strongly with a double tie that ties it once more tightly along the first knot for a stronger holding force. By doing this, it can prevent loosening of the double eyelid and you can expect long-lasting natural eyes.


The natural adhesion method does not mean that only thin lines are possible. Since the point at the front of your eyes can be adjusted, you can form various lines that suit you such as in-line, in-out line, semi-out line and out-line. Since a non-artificial and natural adhesion occurs, after the surgery, even if you close your eyes there will be no traces left and you do not have to worry about scars or make-up entrapment. 


Dr. Jeon Hyo Jin from DA Plastic Surgery Clinic said “Natural Adhesion is a method which does not leave a scar and has a quick recovery period” and “however, depending on the individual’s fat mass, eyelid skin thickness and eye examination, the surgery method or the design of the double eyelid can vary. After an accurate consultation with a doctor, the surgery should proceed.”​