The principle and effect of Ulthera Lifting for droopy eyes and wrinkles around the eyes.

If you have wrinkles below the eyes or if you have droopy eyelids, you may look older than your age and seem tired. In particular, the eyes are the first area in the face to start aging, therefore early care is needed. It is also a place that can determine the difference between looking old and young. In order to get a fresh and bright look, you should pay attention to the wrinkles and elasticity under your eyelids and eyes.


Upper and lower eye examinations are surgeries applied to the skin above and below the eyes, respectively. This is a method of improving elasticity by cutting the skin, removing unnecessary and excessive tissues and sealing it. Since it is an invasive treatment method and requires skin resection, it requires some recovery period after the surgery which might be a little burdensome for busy office workers.


Accordingly, more people are considering the non-invasive and non- surgical lifting method “Ulthera Lifting”. Ulthera Lifting using high-intensity focused ultrasonic energy is a procedure that improves elasticity by inducing collagen regeneration by transferring energy to wrinkled or reduced elasticity skin and thermal coagulation points.


Not only is the procedure possible throughout the face, those with sensitive and thin skin around the eyes can do this procedure too. Ulthera has various tip lengths such as 1.5mm, 3.0mm and 4.5mm so by taking the individual's skin thickness, skin layer, and skin type into account, you can use the appropriate tip.


The principle and effect of Ulthera Lifting for droopy eyes and wrinkles around the eyes.

Child-use tips are available for use around the eyes. It delivers energy to the skin layer to melt unnecessary fat under the eyes to improve it. It also improves the elasticity of sagging eyelid skin or wrinkles below the eyes and provides care for wrinkles around the eyes.


It can be applied to young people in their 20’s and 30’s who have many wrinkles around their eyes, those who have droopy eyes due to the lack of strength in their eyelids, those with dark circles which make them look tired, those who look older than their age and middle aged people who are worried about the elasticity of their skin.


It can not only be used for around the eyes, it is a procedure which can also be used for around the forehead, mouth, cheeks and chin. Energy strength, the number of shots, and the length of the tips can be adjusted to produce optimized effects for each part. However, as it is a procedure for sensitive skin, only genuine tips should be used without using regenerative tips, and it should be immediately disposed of after use. In addition, you should receive the procedure from medical staff with professional know-hows and clinical experience for safety and satisfaction.


Dr. Park So Yoon from DA Plastic Dermatology says “Ulthera Lifting is a non-invasive procedure that helps improve the elasticity of the skin around the eyes such as the upper eye, lower eye and eyebrow gastroscopy without surgical intervention. The skin around the eyes itself is known to be thin, but it is also important to perform personalized procedures because it varies from individual to individual. Since the degree of aging, muscle movement, and amount of fat varies, it is important to proceed with the procedure suitable for each individual.”