Improved Skin Elasticity and Double Chin Liposuction Effect through Lifting

Special attention is also needed for skin health in the hot summer when ultraviolet rays are shining all day long. Ultraviolet rays are the main culprit of aging skin, and long-term exposure can cause sagging skin and pore expansion. Even if you take care of your skin on a daily basis, if you are exposed to ultraviolet rays while your skin is starting to age, it will make it lose elasticity even more.


Decreased skin elasticity does not only cause wrinkles. Since the skin is subjected to gravity, it gradually descends. In particular, the tissue under the jaw that lacks elasticity becomes more sagging, resulting in a double chin and a larger face.


The double chin is not only caused by weight gain, but also by accumulating fat while the skin elasticity is reduced. So, losing weight does not mean that only this part can be selectively removed. Therefore, it should be possible to organize the jawline and improve the overall skin elasticity which is the fundamental cause.


To this end, it is not only necessary to use functional cosmetics and home care, but dermatological procedures are also a way to see better results more quickly and easily. Among various procedures, in-mode lifting which helps reduce unnecessary fat and improve skin elasticity using high-frequency equipment, is steadily gaining popularity.


In-mode removes unnecessary fat by pulling three times in the order of the fascia layer (SMAS), dermis layer, and epidermis layer without irritation or pain to the skin, and increases elasticity by inducing collagen regeneration in the skin layer. The satisfaction of the procedure is high because it produces a complex effect using two hand pieces.


The mode using the Mini FX hand piece lifts the fibrous fascia layer and kills the fat cells, which can be expected to have a liposuction effect on the double jaw line. It also helps to create a sleek face shape on the V-line by removing unnecessary fat such as those on the cheekbones and cheeks.


Forma mode helps to create a volume of dead skin by inducing the production of tissues forming the dermal layer of the skin, such as collagen and elastin. Fundamental improvements in skin elasticity can be expected, such as tight and firm flesh from the inside and reducing pores.


In-mode reduces pain during the procedure through accurate temperature sensors and thermal output. In addition, since the temperature is checked 10 times a second while performing the procedure, temperature-sensitive people can also receive the procedure safely and reduce various side effects.


Doctor Baek Sang Hoon of DA Dermatology Clinic said, When performing in-mode lifting procedures, the experience of the medical staff who directly perform the procedure is important. We need to check the actual clinical experience of the doctor and understanding of the procedure. Since each person has different skin layer thickness, sensitivity, amount of fat, and skin type, it is a procedure that requires 1:1 customization.