Facial contouring surgery, Consider individual condition and concerns

As people get older, their faces get bigger and they will feel like their face shape is changing. This means that, since the facial bones do not grow larger, the skin sags and becomes larger due to aging and reduction in skin elasticity, making the round face look square. Overall, because the skin sags downwards, the jawline is altered, the face becomes larger, and the overall appearance will look wider.


The overall change in the volume of the face occurs, such as the loss of fat on cheeks and the sagging of the facial skin. This requires a method of restoring skin elasticity while improving wrinkles simultaneously. Rather than using simple cosmetic products, an improvement from the inside of the skin where aging begins will be necessary.


Here, a full lifting method, 'facelift' can be applied. This not only pulls the outer surface of the skin but also strongly pulls the fibrous fascia layer (SMAS layer), the starting point of aging and sagging, to help improve the causation of fundamental aging.


The fibrous fascia layer passes through the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous fat layers, and is located directly above the muscle layer. As aging begins in this area, when the skin sags, the overall volume decreases, and wrinkles occur. Pulling only the surface has a temporary lifting effect, but it is difficult to improve the fundamental facial sagging. However, the expert surgeons explain that since the fascia is the cause of facial sagging, if you pull this area simultaneously with the outer skin, you can benefit from a more effective lifting effect.


According to expert surgeons, full-face lifting will pull the fibrous fascia layer directly causing a proper lifting effect without sagging. Affected areas include the Indian wrinkles and sagging cheeks near the cheekbones under the eyes, and thick nasolabial fold, smile lines, and sagged jawlines. These areas will be significantly improved.


In addition, now, lifting is possible without worrying about scars without damaging facial nerves, and natural triple layers of lifting are possible to the epidermis, dermis, and fascia layers, so anti-aging effects can be expected. Here, since the incision is minimized, concerns about swelling, scars, and bruises can be lowered.


Dr. Nam Dong-woo, A board-certified plastic surgeon of DA Plastic Surgery Clinic, said, It is important to control the pulling effect while considering the depth of each individual's sagging, aging progress, and areas of concern. You need to thoroughly consult with an expert surgeon who has extensive experience in the facial lift to achieve highly satisfactory and natural results.​