What to be Careful about When Performing Double Eyelid Surgery and Canthoplasty

Eye plastic surgery has become a universal and popular surgery because it is relatively simple compared to nose surgery or facial contour surgery and has a great influence on one’s appearance. Double eyelid surgery not only has cosmetic improvements but also has functional improvements too.


If the double eyelid line is clearly defined, you can feel that the eyes look distinct and bigger. However, since each individual has a different eye size, Mongolian wrinkles at the front of the eye, the length of the eye, and the distance between the eyes, we cannot be sure a dramatic change will occur for everyone.


Rather, if there are Mongolian wrinkles or the length of eyes are short, there is a limit to improving the eye with double eyelid surgery alone. Rather, it can be seen as a so-called cockle-like eye as it is short and stuffy.


In this case, it may be helpful to perform canthoplasty together. If you find an area at the corners of the eyes that is covered or hidden, an incision at a 10-30 degree angle according to the shape of the eyes may make your eyes look larger and clearer. After dissecting the conjunctiva without incision, it is firmly fixed to the fascia and disc, so there is no possibility of loosening and it lasts for a long time, including immediate improvement.


(^Doctor Kim Jae Min)


In particular, in the case of canthoplasty which is combined with natural adhesion, a more natural effect can be seen. If you dissect the conjunctiva and fix it on the fascia, you can expect a natural and invisible improvement effect without visible threads or scars. There is little swelling and bruising, and the canthoplasty effect is visible immediately after the surgery.


The natural adhesion canthoplasty can be applied when there is a limit to the height adjustment of the double eyelid due to the proximity between the eyes and eyebrows. By performing canthoplasty, you can see a distinct eye expansion effect, and you can expand as much as you want by adjusting the angle to fit your eye shape. Since each direction or harmony of the eyes is checked and progressed, the result is also natural and satisfaction is high.


Doctor Kim Chae Min of DA Plastic Surgery Clinic said, Double eyelid surgery may have limitations in adjusting the size and length of the eyes, and there is a possibility that the canthoplasty can be loosened, so this should be considered in advance. The natural adhesion canthoplasty is firmly fixed, so there is no worry about loosening. It is also maintained for a long time because it is customized for one's eyes at every angle. The results may vary depending on canthoplasty length, direction, angle and line. Therefore, a thorough consultation and plan is needed to proceed with the surgery.”