"For natural breast shape and size, suitable breast implant and surgical methods must be selected."

Among plastic surgery, breast augmentation surgery is also one of the surgeries that concern the women the most while being the surgery with the highest satisfaction after surgery.


This is because it can increase lowered self-esteem by overcoming or fixing the complex that only women have.


Because the breast cannot be selectively fattened, women with small and flat breasts often decide to choose and have breast augmentation surgery as a solution.


However, breast surgery specialists advise that you should think very carefully before deciding because it is a surgery that requires synthetic implants to be inserted into the human body.

Moreover, since there are various types of breast implants, you can truly enjoy safe and satisfactory results only when you carefully choose the most suitable implant types according to you and understands how the surgery is performed.


Breast augmentation surgery is divided into two different methods of grafting autologous fat and inserting breast implants into the body. Each has a different characteristic, so you should decide to proceed with the method most suitable for you as well. In particular, many people tend to choose the implant augmentation method since it has more permanent effects. Whereas the survivability of the fat, after autologous fat grafting, is uncertain especially when it is only done once and the weight loss can also reduce the breast size.


Among them, breast surgery using Motiva implant is more popular among others. It is made of viscoelastic gel, which reacts very sensitively to gravity and can create a natural shape for any movement and shaking. It spreads naturally when lying down, and is fixed when leaning or standing, so the shape of the Motiva implant will not be obvious or unnatural, but moves smoothly like a natural chest.


The touch or sensation of Motiva is also soft and has excellent biocompatibility with a uniform outer skin, reducing the possibility of side effects. By minimizing the occurrence of the capsular contraction that may appear after surgery, it is touched smoothly without being too squishy and adds a natural breast-like sensation.


In addition, even if a good implant is used, the results may vary depending on the designing stage and the surgical method.  Therefore, to achieve the best possible result, the patient should carefully examine the skill and experiences of the surgeon they choose and the surgical method of the medical institution.


The Y-shaped cleavage of the breast occurs when the breast implants are position too high above the chest creating a very unnatural appearance, whereas the I-shaped cleavage gives natural forms and shape to the overall appearance of the breast.


Therefore, the location of the breast implant should be thoroughly positioned while considering the overall balance of the breast volume with 45% of the upper breast and 55% of the lower breast as an ideal volume ratio.


Breast implants can be inserted at the exact point so that the upper chest is not flat or the lower chest is not sunken, and the nipple also should be located at the maximum volume point to create the most beautiful round and natural breast shape.


The three-dimensional shape of the breast should is also considered. If only a two-dimensional shape is considered during the surgery, the result could make the breast to be far apart from each other creating a wide unaesthetic gap in between. This can also cause sagging after the surgery due to poor fixation.


The surgeon must consider both the two-dimensional shape and three-dimensional shape of the breast together to create the best breast with ideal movement, shape, and touch.


Dr. Kim Soo-jung, the breast surgery specialist of the DA Plastic Surgery Clinic, said, For the natural shape of the breast, it is important to choose a breast implant that is suitable for the patient's original breast, and the surgical method of forming the natural I-line cleavage should always be applied.​