How to Reduce the Side Effects of Under Eye Canthoplasty Surgery?

The eye is the body part which determines a person's appearance. A person's appearance and impression is likely to change depending on the shape, size, length, and width of the eye. Even if you have a double eyelid and large eyes, it may look stuffy if the corners of the eyes are raised or the back is blocked. For this reason, many people want to upgrade their impressions and appearance by performing double eyelid surgery with canthoplasty or canthoplasty surgery alone.


However, in the case of canthoplasty surgery, similar to any other plastic surgery, it may be a somewhat worrisome operation for busy office workers since they have to undergo anesthesia and incision, and the recovery process takes a few weeks after the surgery. Therefore, it is a surgery that many consider when they are on holiday or on vacations.  In addition, caution is needed as it may stick again over time or cause side effects of redness due to the exposure of inner flesh.


For those concerned about the side effects and recovery period mentioned above, the “natural adhesion canthoplasty” method is gaining attention.


Among the double eyelid surgery methods, the natural adhesion surgery is likely to cause less scarring, bruising and swelling compared to other surgery methods. The recovery period is also faster and the changes after surgery look natural. This method is customized for each individual to find the maximum available space around the eyes.


(^Doctor Choi Jung Hoon)


In addition to the visible available space, it is possible to find hidden spaces and design customized canthoplasty. According to what the patient wants, it is possible to adjust 10 to 30 degrees to the eye shape allowing more natural eye improvement. In particular, since it is done with no incision and firmly fixed to the fascia and tarsus, there is no fear of reattachment or loosening, and there is no visible thread or scar, so the results are expected to look natural.


In the case of the original canthoplasty surgery there can be chemosis, swelling and bruising. Also, a recovery period of one to two weeks is required, and it is only possible to wash your face one week after the surgery and you have to wait two weeks to put on makeup. On the other hand, the natural adhesion canthoplasty has little swelling and bruising. Also, washing the face and putting on makeup are possible on the same day. The results of the canthoplasty are visible shortly after the surgery, so you may return to daily life quickly.


In the case of canthoplasty surgery, as time passes there is the possibility of getting undone and going back to the previous state as the skin tissues start to recover. However, the natural adhesion canthoplasty surgery is a natural method which allows patients to return to daily life quickly and the surgery and recovery can be done on the same day. It is a method which can help reduce the side effects such as incision marks and scarring. By consulting with experienced doctors and finding the hidden available space, you may find the right angle and design to suit your eyes which will lead to safe and satisfying results.”