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What are the Characteristics and Types of Thread Lifting that are Good for Reducing Wrinkles and Improving Skin Elasticity?

As you age, the elasticity of the facial skin decreases while the eyes and mouth droop downward, and deep thick wrinkles and fine wrinkles are formed.


Since wrinkles that occur once do not disappear naturally, people tend to use cosmetics or beauty devices on their own. However, there is a limit to this part.


In this case, people are interested in lifting procedures applied to the face. However, it is often difficult to accurately check due to various types of lifting procedures.


Doctor Moon Hyung Seok of DA Plastic Surgery Association (a regular member of the Korea Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Association), said, Even those who are interested in lifting or have previously undergone lifting procedures are not well aware of the exact details or characteristics. It is important to have a consultation with experienced doctors with know-hows before proceeding with the procedure. When deciding to get the procedure, it is important to take the part of the face and the characteristics of the thread used.


Find out about the different types and characteristics of thread lifting.


◆Thread lifting may be applied when skin sagging and wrinkles have progressed to some extent.

If skin sagging and wrinkles have progressed to some extent, thread lifting is needed.


Right after the thread lifting procedure, you can immediately confirm the improving skin elasticity. Also, the recovery period is fast because skin incision is not performed. It is a procedure that is highly preferred by office workers and housewives who don't have enough time.

Doctor Moon Hyung Seok said, Thread lifting differs in characteristics and improvement effects depending on the thread used. Therefore, you need to make a decision based on the improvement you desire or the area the procedure is performed on.”


◆ Types of thread.

Threads can be divided into two: melting threads and non-melting threads.

Melting threads include Ultra V Mono, Mint, Quill, and Cavern threads. The threads that do not melt contain Elasticum.


▲ UltraV

UltraV serves as a support to supplement other thread lifting or hold the lines, and is known for its natural effects.


▲ Mint Thread

The mint thread is a 3D three-dimensional structure protrusion of the molding method, which has strong fixing and retention power. The Quill is a spiral barbed wire pattern that gives a strong lifting effect.


▲ Cavern Thread.

The Cavern thread is shaped in the form of springs which allows natural facial expressions. It induces collagen production, resulting in facial elasticity and volume-up effects.


▲ Elasticum

Elasticum is a non-melting thread which has a strong lifting effect since the special band elastic core silicon acts as a ligament.

In addition, since it does not melt, it’s effects are semi-permanent and you can expect it to last 5 to 10 years.


◆ What should you pay attention to when choosing a thread lifting procedure?

The most important fact is to select a medical professional who has their own know-hows and experience to be satisfied with the results.


Doctor Moon Hyung Seok said, We need to pull the skin vertically, prevent tissue damage or pain, and adjust the exact depth and the procedure area to have natural facial expressions and long lasting effects. Thread lifting gives immediate effects, but we can enjoy natural and safe results by setting customized plans according to the individual's face shape and needs.