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To Achieve a Slim Face Shape through Jaw Surgery, the Bone, Fat, and Muscle Must Be Approached Together

The square jaw is one of the causes of not feeling satisfied about one's appearance. It gives off a rough impression and makes the face look big. 

When viewed from the front, it makes you look grumpy and as if you are biting something around the chin. 

From the side, it gives a masculine impression and makes you look strong.


The cause of the square jaw is most commonly due to the jawbone being too developed. 

But this alone may not be the only problem. 

This is because the muscles surrounding the jawbone may also be developed excessively, and compared to the fat tissue, the face can look larger and dull.


If the cause is not properly identified and excessive bone resection is performed, the chances of side effects such as sagging cheeks may be higher. 

It is utmost importance in surgery to establish a master plan to reduce the burden of hyper moderation,

systematically remove not only bones but also muscles and fat, and build a natural and soft facial V-line.


The first is to apply a long curved square jaw reduction method.

It gently cuts from just below the ear to the front jaw to create the basis for a smooth line. 

It makes a natural V-line which looks as if it were your own.


Next, the cortical bone at the outside side of the jaw bone is removed to slim the thickness of the jaw bone itself.

This further enhances the effect of making the face look slim from the front. It is important not to act recklessly when cortical resection is performed, 

after resecting the outer cortical bone which is furthest away from the body, it is connected to the smoothly trimmed tip of the chin.

Afterwards, the muscle that helps chew food, the mastrication muscle, is excessively enlarged.

Even if the muscles protrude, they appear as angled faces, so you can selectively reduce the number of muscles and expect semi-permanent effects.

Lastly, considering the three-dimensional volume, the buccal fat, a grumpy fat located deep in the cheek, 

and the degree of fat and elasticity of each curved area are identified and removed to complete the three-dimensional and slimness of the face line.


Doctor Lee Dong Chan of DA Plastic Surgery Clinic, said, Once the bone is cut, it does not return, and excessive removal of the bone leads to side effects such as sagging cheeks. 

It is important to leave enough bone without performing any unnecessary bone removal. 

For an ideal face shape and good results, it is important to remove the right amount of cortical bones, fat, and muscles. 

Thorough plans are necessary in order to have safe and satisfactory results. 

It is important to do it with experienced doctors with their own know-hows, and find out about the clinic and the surgery methods prior to the surgery.”