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To Have a Natural Face Shape Through Facial Contouring, You Need to Control it As Much As Possible

The face shape is the area underlying the entire face. 

The overall ratio of the face may look different depending on the jawline and bone size.

The shape of the face is important as it may make the features stand out or cause the shortcomings to be more visible.


Therefore, many people are performing facial contouring surgery for a pretty face shape. 

As it is a bone-cutting surgery, the size of the face becomes smaller, and the shape of the face becomes softer and sleeker than before. 

The changes are visible after the surgery, and you must think carefully and make your mind. 

However, you must keep in mind that if you unnecessarily resect a lot of bones without considering the overall length or ratio of the face, it may become more awkward and unnatural.


In order to have a pretty face shape, the amount of bone being cut off isn’t important. 

The more you cut off doesn’t mean the results will be that much prettier. 

You have to be careful as the bone does not regenerate once it's been cut off. 

If you shave a lot near the nerve line, you may experience negative side effects. 

Therefore, you have to cut the appropriate amount of bone with the optimal design, and the shape of the remaining bone must be pretty to have a satisfactory face shape after recovery.


The important point in facial contouring surgery is that the amount of bone being removed and a pretty face shape are not proportional. 

The key is to leave the bones that must remain in the face and remove only the unnecessary ones. 

The remaining bones are eventually the shape of the face that will stay with us for the rest of our lives.

The shape and amount of the remaining bones must be measured carefully to prevent sagging cheek, double chin and asymmetric jawlines.


If a lot of unnecessary bones are resected, the location where soft tissues such as flesh and muscles can be placed will disappear.

In this case, both the flesh and muscles may sag resulting in deformation, and eventually the lead to unpretty facial lines.


Therefore, if you are looking for a place that is good at facial contouring, you should make sure that the overall length and proportion of the face is aligned, and that the flesh, muscles, and soft tissue are in a good position.


That is why although an accurate surgical plan is important, it is also important to choose a medical institution that doesn’t damage the nerve line and doesn’t perform unnecessary resection.

It is not a thoughtless resection, but even if only an appropriate amount of bone is removed, matching the ratio between the tip of the chin and the features can make the face line thinner. 

Since surgery with higher accuracy should be performed based on academic research results, it is important to look at explanations of medical institutions and clinical experiences of the clinic’s medical staff.


Doctor Lee Ho Bin of DA Plastic Surgery Clinic, said, As unnecessary resection causes side effects and leads to dissatisfaction, it is important to put much thought into the design and the bone left, including the shape and the amount of bone being removed. 

It is important to choose a medical team that has experience and knows how to perform facial contouring surgery for individuals with various face shapes.”