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The Key to Successful Breast Augmentation is Safe Implants and Highly Skilled Medical Staff.

The breast is a factor that further reveals femininity and standard for a beautiful body. Therefore, small and flat breasts may act as a stress factor for many women. 

Since it is difficult to gain weight only in the chest area, breast augmentation is taken into consideration to solve the complex.


In the process of choosing breast augmentation, several factors should be considered. 

If you make a choice based on fragmentary reviews, or follow a popular surgical method, you may be dissatisfied with the results because it may not suit you. 

The types of implants, surgical methods, and skills of medical staff should be carefully examined prior to the surgery.


If the size is excessively large without considering one's body shape, you may be more dissatisfied after the surgery, and the neck and shoulders may face discomfort. 

You should consider your body shape and chest size, and choose the appropriate size of the prosthesis to use for the breast implant.


Recently, Motiva has been widely used as a prosthesis for natural-looking breast augmentation. 

Motiva prostheses are made of viscoelastic gel, so they react very sensitively to gravity like the natural breasts, so it provides natural-looking results. 

It is characterized by smooth movement when lying down, leaning, and standing so it is hard to tell whether surgery was performed.


Even if the same implant is used, the results may differ based on the medical staff's skills or the surgical method used. 

For a natural shape, a two-dimensional or three-dimensional technique that considers both the front and side views is necessary. 

In the case of the two-dimensional technique, the width of the chest area is determined from the front, and the three-dimensional technique is a factor that affects the three-dimensional area of the breast from the side.


When the three-dimensional technique is performed, the shape of the breast is considered based on various movements. 

So, it is possible to build a smooth I-Line breast shape which looks natural like one's own. 

It will lead to high satisfaction because it does not make a Y-Line breast shape or when lying down, it does not look like a bowl of rice turned upside down.


The soft and smooth texture is determined by the thickness of the coat formed around the implant after being inserted. 

This can vary depending on the medical staff's skills, so it is important to choose medical staff who have extensive experience dealing with motiva prostheses and are continuously involved in clinical research.


Doctor Ku Hyun Kuk from DA Plastic Surgery Clinic, said “Since breast augmentation is a difficult surgery, breast specialists and plastic surgeons collaborate to check the health status of the breast to safely perform surgery.

You must check whether there are follow-up programs available after surgery which provide thorough intensive care to help prevent spherical construction and help with the recovery of scars and touch.”