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Facial contouring surgery. How to aesthetically improve the face shape.

The standard of beauty varies according to the flow of the times and trends, but among them, small, smooth, and slim face shapes are always the preferred standards regardless of the times.


If bones are overly developed, facial contouring surgery will be necessary.


Facial contouring surgery is a surgery that mainly cuts the cheekbones, square jaws, and front jaws to reduce and alter the outer facial line. It is often known as 3 Part Facial Contouring, 

and the area of the surgery and the bone reduction amounts will differ depending on the individual's facial features and bone development.


If large amount of bone is unnecessarily reduced without considering the length or ratio of the entire face, there is a possibility that the line will not be smooth and symmetrical, or a multi-angled jawline may occur.

Furthermore, because numerous vital nerves are located and pass through the jawbone, extra caution and care should be taken during the surgery to avoid side effects from nerve damages.


Therefore, for a beautiful facial line, it is necessary to establish an accurate surgical plan and reduce only the necessary and appropriate amount without touching or damaging the nerves. 

Above all, you should focus on the shape of the bones left on your face after the reduction surgery. 

This is because the remaining bones eventually become the facial shape after recovery.


It should be noted that the amount of bone reduced and the slim face shape, as a result, are never proportional.

If the bone is overly reduced, soft tissues such as skins and muscles may not be properly established after the surgery. 

In such cases, an unaesthetic facial shape will form because, during the recovery process, the skin and muscles sagging, deformation, and scar tissue can occur.


Therefore, for the most beautiful facial shape, the shape and design after the facial contouring are as important as the amount of the bone that is reduced. 

This will also avoid bumpy and asymmetrical facial lines, and create smooth natural lines after the surgery.