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V-line Lifting Which Helps Revive the Jawline, and Improves Sagging Cheeks and Double Chin

As you get older and gain weight, your skin gradually droops down under the force of gravity. As a result, the facial V-line becomes a round U-line, and the boundary between the face and neck does not seem clear when looking in the mirror or taking a picture. The face tends to look bigger and dull.


Usually, if you have a lot of cheek fat, the lower sagging tends to be more severe, which leads to revealing wrinkles around the nasolabial folds. Otherwise, the skin and fat layers around the area under the cheekbone, buccal fat and next to the mouth may droop, causing one to look like they have a mean impression. Once it starts sagging, it is difficult to improve the elasticity of the jawline on its own, therefore it can be improved faster through jawline lifting procedures.


Lifting procedures can generally be divided into laser procedures and thread lifting. However, in the case of laser lifting, you can expect to see immediate results, but it is not long-lasting and you are required to get it repetitively. Same goes for thread lifting, once the thread melts and absorbs, it causes the skin to gradually sag again.


The V-line Lifting procedure is a facial lifting method which complements this. It has a longer lasting period than other lifting methods and causes less scarring. It is a procedure that can be applied to people of all age groups from those in their 30s to 60s. It can improve all aspects of the face from improving the jawline to sagging cheeks, buccal fat, and double chin.


Through this method, you can expect a smooth and distinct jawline by performing a minimum incision of about 2 cm behind the ears, and pulling the flesh from the sagging jawline to the buccal fat. There is no need to worry about scarring because the incision is performed in an area where it is not visible from the front.


In addition, since it pulls the sagging tissues, it provides an immediate V-line effect. It can also restore the elasticity of the face by pulling the uneven jawline, double chin, and sagging cheeks upward as a whole. As a result, it is a procedure not only for those with sagging skin due to old age, but also for those who have sagging cheeks after facial contouring surgery. If the sagging of the cheeks is severe but the area for incision for facial lifting surgery is large and requires a long recovery period, the V-line Lifting procedure can be used.


By combining Accusculpt which induces collagen regeneration while removing unnecessary fat, and mini lifting procedures that pull from the SMAS layer with V-line Lifting, you can expect maximum improvement from the synergy. Not only will you see improvement in the jawline, but the overall elasticity of the mid-face and lower jawline can also be improved.


Doctor Nam Dong-Woo from DA Plastic Surgery Clinic advised “Since each patient has different characteristics such as the thickness of the skin and the level of sagging, proper lifting procedures are needed through customized counseling and treatment. V-line Lifting is a procedure suitable for young people to middle-aged people and can improve the overall jawline and sagging of the cheeks. One should make a decision after thorough communication with medical staff who have extensive clinical experience in lifting, in order to proceed with the procedure with 1:1 customization for each individual.”