DA Tension Hip-up

DA Tension HIp-up


Hip UP! Make your back toned

To have Pretty Rear-lyis a Base with Nice Figure

Buttock Enhancement
DA Tension Hip-Up Lifting

A Tension Hip-Up Lifting

Strong elasticity, Hip UP!

Strong elasticity, Hip UP!


DATension Hip-Up Lifting

DA Elasticum’s strong elasticity,
Hip UP and Natural Back Line!

Hip UP and Natural Back Line!


DA Tension Hip-Up Lifting No Crumpled or
Sunken areasHip Lift Up Naturally
without Pain

Using thread with barbs can sometimes cause unnatural results
because are forced and pull the skin


Elasticum yarn structure

Elasticum yarn structure

How it works without barbs?
  • Q. How it works without barbs?
  • A. It is a special band structure where the body tissues
    join together stably between silicon and polyesters.
No Banana Rolls for Pretty Butt!


No Banana Rolls for Pretty Butt!

Up to 10 fixation points Hip Lifting from
Every Angle

No No Banana rolls! Making Legs
Look Longer!


DA Fat Grafting
To have a voluminous
Back line from the flat back.

Collect unnecessary fat from the abdomen
and thighs and centrifuge pure cells into
the buttocks.

Smooth the abdomen and thigh lines!
Adding volume on the hip line!

 volume on the hip line
Long-Lasting Results


Fast Recovery!
Long-Lasting Results!

Lift the SMAS Layer
with a Special Needle

Quick Return to daily life
Long-lasting Hip-Up results!

Tension Hip-Up

Tension Hip-Up

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