I Line Cleavage
is what makes your breast
look as natural as your own!

Natural Cleavage Breast Augmentation only at DA!

Real Natural Breasts,

Have I Line Cleavage instead of Y line cleavage!

  • Unnatural-looking breast With Y-Line cleavage
    Standard breast augmentation
    forces the implant upward
    creating unnatural Y-line cleavage
  • Natural-looking Breasts with I-Line Cleavage
    I-line cleavage created by
    DA Breast Augmentation that
    considers beauty from 2D and 3D aspects.

Are you still only considering beauty from 2D aspects?

DA considers both beauties
from both 2D and 3D aspects.

  • 2D Aesthetical Consideration Considers the aesthetical
    beauty of the breast when
    viewed from the front.
  • 3D Aesthetical Consideration Which Makes A Decision For
    Making 3D Breast Pocket from
    the side

DA Natural Cleavage Breast Augmentation Aims for the
Breast that is soft, glamorous, and voluptuous
when viewed or touched from any direction

What could happen if a surgeon did not consider

breast augmentation
from both 2D and 3D aspect?

  • Breasts are separate apart
    even in idle state.
    Unnatural breasts shape since
    the breasts are far apart
  • Breast Implant may fall below
    due to poor fixation
    The implants can be visible and touchable
    since the implants have descended too low
  • Implant spreads excessively
    on both sides when lying down
    The breasts implant shape, movement
    and texture may all be unnatural

DA Natural Cleavage Breast Augmentation
creates the breast that is natural both in
texture and shape by considering aesthetical
beauty in 2D and 3D aspects.

Choosing a suitable implant,

accounts for 70%
of the surgery result

Choosing the optimal implant according to an individual’s body shape and breast size will increase the satisfaction rate
of the surgery result.

  • DIVINA 3D Scanner For Simulation
    Patients can see a simulated breast
    after surgery in advance so that
    patients may easily choose the
    optimal implants and size suitable
    for their condition.

We offer a Breast Ultrasound

for healthy breasts

  • The Process of Systematic Breast
    Make a plan for safe breast augmentation according
    to the breasts’ current condition and structure through
    breast ultrasound.
    you are able to check your breasts as well such as the
    location of breasts implants, rupture, seroma or
  • Treatment After An Accurate Diagnosis
    at Once!
    If a surgeon finds a breast nodule which is positive,
    the nodule can be removed by mammotome at
    DA without any incision, however, if it’s a negative
    nodule, we are able to link you to Seoul National
    University Hospital for Treatment

Minimize scarring after surgery

Minimize incision during surgery
Triple Suturing Scar Care After Surgery

Get back your confidence in one day ♥

One Day Breast Augmentation

Able to take a shower by putting waterproof medical tape
Able to go restaurant and see a movie after surgery

Capsular ContractureIntensive Care

  • No Touch Technique Use a Keller Funnell to minimize contact with breast implants
  • Complete Dry Pocket Prevent inflammation by preventing bleeding after surgery using an HD microscope
  • Triple Antibiotics Reduce the possibility of inflammation by using three types of antibiotics
  • Prescribe Medication to Prevent Capsular Contracture Must be taken for 3 months, a medicine that inhibits fiber synthesis from fibroblast by preventing Tgf-β

No more pain!

DA's Pain Management System

  • Intercoastal Nerve Block Intercoastal nerve block anesthesia that injects between ribs reduces the pain about 57% less than general anesthesia
  • Apply Ropivacaine After disinsertion, apply Ropivacaine that lasts longer than local anesthesia after disinsertion
  • Patient Controlled Anesthesia Fast recovery with no pain during recovery after surgery

After Care Service

We offer patients after care treatments For 8 times within one month

  • LCL Help your blood circulation so that the skin can regenerate and reduce swelling on the arms and stomach
  • Smart LUX Produce collagen and elastin to make your skin regenerate also it works as an anti-inflammation
  • RF High Frequency  Reduce the possibility of inflammation by using three types of antibiotics 
  • Laser Treatment For Scarring Improve the colored scar that turn into red or brown color on the surgery site after surgery
  • Prescribe Medication to Prevent Capsular Contracture Must be taken for 3 months, a medicine that inhibits fiber synthesis from fibroblast by preventing Tgf-β

The Ideal Result Comes From The Optimal System

  • Optimal System Three dimensional scanner DIVINA Measure the Thoracic cage and show you how It will comes like in virtually according to The implant that is proper to individual Body shape.
  • 5 Anesthesiologists Keeps Monitoring Five anesthesiologists in the Department of Anesthesia are responsible for the entire procedure until the patient recovers.
  • Thorough Disinfection And Sanitary Environment  Even if it takes a long time, medical equipments are thoroughly disinfected with a clear and systematic infection control system.
  • Dermabond Dermabond is a medical skin adhesive That is used to glue the sides of an Incision closed without any stitches.
  • Gently insert the implant by Using a Keller funnel Possible to insert an implant through Asmall incision with less bleeding and Pain.
  • Helical Barbed Suture Without Making Knots No need to shorten operation time and maintain tension and strength as the suture has a bulge.

This is what you imagined
Ultimate Soft Texture Is Valid Only At DA!

I line cleavage