After Breast Augmentation check-up

After Breast Augmentation check-up

The problem of implant that is hard to feel a symptom
Patients Should Take A Breast Ultrasound After Breast Augmentation By A Breast Specialist

Breast Ultrasound
After Breast Augmentation

Breast ultrasound

Breast ultrasound, did you get this right?
After Breast Augmentation, You must be anxious due to tons
of implant issues Did you get a breast ultrasound properly?

Patients Who Had Breast Augmentation Should Take A Breast Ultrasound
By A Breast Specialist Who Fully Understand About An Implant.

by a breast specialist

The Problem of Implant
Which is hard to notice symptoms
And this make patients are anxious

The breast examination by a breast specialist
Is necessary for those who need to check their
Implants' condition accurately

It's important to understand the implant's condition Due
to side effects such as rupture, folded implants or improperly
positioned implant
However, there are lack of information and Clinical Experience
about breast surgery in Health examination Center or
general medical Examination

Thus, patients who had breast Augmentation should
take a breast Ultrasound by breast specialist

DA’s Full HD Ultrasound

Equipped The Latest Breast Ultrasound only at DA
DA's Full HD Ultrasound

  • General Ultrasound device General Ultrasound device
  • DA’s high resolution ultrasound device DA's high resolution ultrasound device

In the case of normal ultrasound, it is difficult to distinguish a breast lesion due to
Low resolution however, we DA can find breast lesion via DA's high resolution
Ultrasound device and diagnosis according to each patient

Analysis Device That Is Optimized
For Breast Examination

  • Analyze Suspicious Breast Lesion Available to know the result of suspicious breast lesion area and
    general area after analysis
  • Diagnosis With Analysis On Lesion Available to show its data that analyze
    The lesion when we diagnosis patient's Breast through breast ultrasound
Diagnosis With Analysis On Lesion

DA's Breast Specialist
That is specialized in mammotome for
those who had breast augmentation

Since each patient's breast condition and breast implant type is accurately determined with DA Breast
Specialist's mammotome technique before the treatment.
Elimination of positive nodule without irritating the implant to minimize the tissue damage is possible

DA Breast Specialist's mammotome technique before the treatment
  • Remove a nodule which is hard to find due to breast implant
  • Accurate diagnosis of type, shape, size, and the number of positive nodules.
  • Establish mammotome suitable for each patient's implant type
  • Control the strength of mammotome accordingly with breast tissue and muscle amount
  • Adjust the location of needle inserting with aesthetic consideration

If a malignant tumor is found
Seoul National University Hospital, which is a cooperative hospital with
DA Plastic Surgery, is available for quick patient link transfer.