Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast Reduction Surgery

delightful aestheticsBreast Reduction


Natural Breasts that can give you confidence
by DA's breast reduction surgery with beautiful ratio,
and well balanced breasts shape

  • Surgery Duration Surgery Duration
    and half
  • Anesthesia Type Anesthesia Type
  •  Stitch Removal Stitch Removal
  • Recovery Time Recovery Time
    3-4 days
What Is Breast Reduction?

What Is Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction, there are various procedures to improve breasts for breast size,
shape, skin elasticity, location of areola and saggy degree. However, it is important
to operate breast reduction by making less scar
since either way leaves a scar.

It is very important to patient get a surgery by plastic surgeon who is skillful
since breast reduction is required to understand the anatomical structure of
breasts and needed to have plateful clinical experience

DA's breast augmentation,
It is suitable for the following cases

  • Those who have huge and saggy breasts
  • Those who are stressed due to huge breasts
  • Those who have a pain on waist, shoulder, and neck
  • Those who have skin disease due to breast fold

Self Diagnosis Method For Saggy Breasts

Self Diagnosis Method For Saggy Breasts
Normal Areolar

When the nipple is up
to the inframammary
fold less than 4-5mm

Grade 1

When the nipple is down
to the inframammary fold
less than 1cm

Grade 2

When the nipple is down
to the inframammary line
less than 1~3cm

Grade 3

When the nipple is down
to the inframammary line
more than 3cm


The nipple is normal but
the breast tissue is droopy


Each Different Method According To Breast Size

  1. CASE 01 Light-Breast Hypertrophy
    Light-Breast Hypertrophy
    MethodScar after surgery
    Areola Incision

    If the breast size is between 400-600CC and the areola
    is over 4cm, then it's possible to get a areola incisional
    method. The scar will not visible since the incisions
    are hidden on the thick border line of areolas.

  2. CASE 02 Moderate-Breast Hypertrophy
    Moderate-Breast Hypertrophy
    MethodScar after surgery
    Vertical Incision

    It is the most common surgical procedure since it Can reduce
    a lot of breast volume by performing Breast reduction surgery
    for those who have their Breasts size from 600CC to 1000CC.
    After cutting The areolas, 4~5cm long vertical incisions are
    Made downwards to remove breast tissue.

  1. CASE 03 Severe-Breast Hypertrophy
    Severe-Breast Hypertrophy
    MethodScar after surgery
    ‘오'Shaped Incision

    This method is appropriate for those who have
    More than 1500cc breasts volume which is severely large
    And drooped breasts with lack of elasticity. relocating the
    Areola to the right location. Areola is excised and
    Incisions are made along the breast.

  2. CASE 04 Liposuction

    It is a surgery that selectively destroying fat cells can Reduce
    the size of breasts and leave no visible scars However, it is
    suitable for those who have big breasts With more fat breast
    tissues and less glands in breasts.

Breast reduction can improve 3 things:
The size, shape and scar
of the breast at once

For outstanding breast reduction surgery result, it is important to choose the most suitable operation
method after accurate diagnosis by experienced specialist