Breast Revision Surgery

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Breast Revision Surgery

Meet DA's capsule control know-how

ignificant change of breasts texture and shape after breast augmentation

Significant change of breasts texture and shape after breast augmentation

How's Current Capsules' Condition From My Breast Implant?

The Breasts Texture and Shape is decided by capsule's condition after breast
augmentation! The Texture and shape can be differed if the capsule which is located
in between the muscle, Implant, and breast tissue since the capsule fully covers.

then why the capsule is made?
The thin shield that is made for protecting our body Capsule

The thin shield that is made for protecting our body 「Capsule」

It produces a thin shield 「Capsule」 when the implant is inserted to our body and
it leads to react by activating the immune cell naturally

One of the common causes of getting revision surgery is capsular contracture, its texture gets harder
and the shape of implant moves unnaturally due to deformation since there
is abnormal fibrosis reaction

At this time, it is needed to remove or desquamate the capsule again which is formed thick
and called 「Capsule Control Know-How」 for the result and satisfaction


Capsule is the key for Breast Revision Surgery

Capsule<->Relationship of Texture & shape

Capsule<->Relationship of Texture & shape

Successful revision breast Augmentation for any case

These two cases are
Available To Get Revision Breast
Augmentation to 3 dimensional capsule!

  • * Upgrade the texture and shape by removing the whole capsule
    · If the implant is inserted on the muscle
  • * Remove 70% of the capsule except the bottom
    part of implant or make the capsule thin so that Improving the breasts texture and shape
    · If the implant is inserted on the muscle
    · If the implant is touched due to thin skin

Make a decision according to my current capsule's condition

The Key of DA's Revision Breast Augmentation
Capsule Control Know-How

  • dada

    Improve the cleavage to natural I line cleavage that gathers naturally by fixating outer
    breast line through disinsertion of inner breasts for the space of capsule

  • dada

    Improve the breasts by considering the overall breasts' ratio to make the breasts
    symmetrically with fixating the inner lower breasts line through disinsertion of outer
    breast' pocket

  • dada

    Improve the overall breast shape and texture through disinsertion of existing
    descended breast pocket to disinsert the upper pole breast by fixating the lower pole breast
    not to bottom out

  • dada

    Through disinsertion of the existing breast pocket, stretch downward with fixating
    the upper pole breasts for a good looking overall shape with soft texture

  • dada

    After removing the capsule and implants then, make The breast pocket through
    3 dimensional disinsertion And replace new implants for breasts texture and shape.


To make this revision surgery will be the last surgery

DA's systematic Revision Breast Augmentation
Process of Diagnosis
For Capsule In Three Dimensional

  • 1 STEPPresumptive Clinical Diagnosis
    by A Plastic Surgeon
  • 2 STEPBreast Ultrasound by A Breast specialist
  • 3 STEPFinal Diagnosis By A Plastic Surgeon

Condition of my breasts' capsule
How To Check At DA?

Samsung Medicine Ultrasound × Breast Specialists

Experience our exclusive diagnosis for your capsule Condition


Only Available To Check The Thickness
of Capsule From Implant Through Full HD Ultrasound

The thickness of capsule can only be identified and
Measured through very high-resolution ultrasound due to
its' thickness is below 1mm which is very thin.
Thus, It Is Necessary to Be Tested in The Hospital Which Is Equipped A Good Device

How to measure the thickness of Capsule since it completely covers The implant?

Thickness of normal capsule forms within 0.1 to 0.3 mm, however
Thickness of abnormal capsule due to capsular contracture forms over 0.6mm.
If the top of capsule seems thick, then
there's a possibility the overall bottom of implant's capsule
that covers an implant is thick

What are characteristics for a breast implant which is good for breast revision surgery

Mentor Memory Gel Xtra Smooth

· Its silicone gel and shell are approved by FDA
· Natural texture and movement due to soft surface
· Create volume due to Mentor's precision filling technique

Motiva Ergonomix

· Minimizes the risk of capsular contracture through blue seal
· Soft texture with high elasticity due to Nano surface
· Able to create real breasts and it moves
naturally according to the gravity

Breast Ultrasound By A Breast Specialist

Breast Ultrasound By A Breast Specialist

Check My Breasts' Condition
before having breast revision

  • Capsule's thickness and location
  • The condition of ruptured silicone breast implants
  • Check if it is needed to incise the capsule
  • Circumstance of side effect Check if there is breast nodule

Available to know the result of biopsy after removing a capsule

It is available to take a breast ultrasound which is specialized in breast
Disease through biopsy after removing a capsule

Three Dimensional Capsule Breast Revision Surgery

Three Dimensional Capsule
Breast Revision Surgery

DA's Revision Surgery for Breasts Texture, Shape and Size at Once

Experience DA's exclusive capsule control know-how