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DA Sebbin
My active life style

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My active life style

Moves Naturally

With Your Motions

only at DA
Sebbin Micro Textured Implant

Sebbin Micro Textured Implant

Soft Textureand
Natural Movement

Sebbin Micro Textured Implant

It’s a micro-shell typed implant that makes breasts
soft with natural silhouette due To fine surface

Just Fit

DA Sebbin Micro Textured Implant

3D Disinsertion helps to create
a beautiful silhouette that moves
naturally with active movement

  • Just Fit’ 2D Disinsertion
    It Makes A Decision For The Width of Breast Pocket Size in the front view
  • Three Dimensional
    It It Makes A Decision For Making A Dimensional Breast Pocket in the side view
  • Sebbin Micro Textured The implant is for those who has small chest and creates a soft texture and silhouette that Moves Naturally with Your Motions

Perfect Cleavage Can Be Done Only At DA

You’ll have Voluptuous Breasts
With Confidence In Any Angle

I Line Cleavage!

  • Noticeable Breast
    Augmentation With Ycleavage
    Previous breast augmentation
    With I line cleavage may
    Seem too obvious.
  • Real Breasts with
    I-Line Cleavage
    DA’s I-Line cleavage is the most
    The real breasts by
    considering its Shape into two and
    three dimensional Breasts shape.
Choosing The Right Size of Implant

Like My Natural Born Breasts In Texture And Movement

Choosing The Right Size of Implant!

That Fits Your Body Shape
As Much As Your Breast Tissue
Stretches For Better Texture!

  • Soft
  • Breasts
  • Thoracic
    cage Size
  • Pocket
You fit your Body You fit your Body

Sebbin Micro Textured

What Makes The Difference At DA?

It’s Important To
choose Implants that

You fit your Body

Medical check
Up for your
Healthy breasts

  • DIVINA 3D Scanner For
    Virtual Cosmetic
    Patients can see the breasts after Surgery in advance that helps to Choose the implants and size According to patient’s breasts Volume, nipple, distance and Asymmetry
  • The Process of Sysmetically
    We are able to understand patient’s breast condition precisely through Mammography.
    If there is a positive nodule founded, it’s available to do Mammotome procedure without surgical incision
  • Collaborate With A Plastic Surgeon
    Who Is Specialized In Breasts
    We proceed breast augmentation through Plastic surgeon who is specialized in breasts disease for beautiful and satisfied breasts
I Line Cleavage

In Any Position
Likes Natural
Born Breasts

I Line Cleavage

Get Your Beautiful Breasts At DA!
DA X Sebbin Micro Textured Implant

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DA X Sebbin Micro Textured Implant
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